Whenever we keep a breed, as a good dog owner, it is our responsibility to take care of our dog and eat it properly.

But in order to make any dog a better breed, it is very important that we also get its necessary training, with the help of which it can learn ways and behaviors to live in a civilized society.

How do I train a dog? To train a dog, you can take the help of a training book, an online dog training course, or a or a personal dog trainer.

But if you are one of our selected readers, then we are going to tell you about some special methods in this article, with the help of which you will be able to give smart dog training to your dog.

How to train a dog

Training a dog is a bit of a challenging task, but if you do it in separate steps, then training a dog becomes relatively easy.

So let’s know how to train a dog.

1. Right Age to Train a Dog

Friends, it is not like we can start training our dog at any time. To train a dog, we need to take care of its age. Dog training should be started after two months of age.

Also, keep in mind that in the initial days of training, do not try to teach you difficult things.

2. Prepare the dog for training.

After two months, when your puppy is ready for training, you have to take him out with you and make sure that you keep him tied with a good and strong leash so that it will prevent him from running around and getting into accidents.

Lish will keep it under your control, and it will know that it has to be with you.

To make training more easy, you can also use a treat (a puppy treat); this will make the puppy train faster.

You can do dog training both at home and outside the house. While training, keep it tied to the leash so that it does not run away when your attention wanders.

3. What should be taught first to train the dog?

Your puppy is now ready for training, so what should you learn first? It is obvious that you must have kept the name Puppy, and now it is your turn to be called by the name.

Training requires that whenever you call the dog by name, it responds and obeys your command.

Keep in mind that keep your dog small, which is easy to speak, and if you keep your dog name a little bigger, then you can also give it a nickname.

4. Teach the dog to shake hands.

Shaking the hands of dogs shows their friendly behavior, and as a dog owner, it will be a matter of pride for you to shake hands with your dog.

And to teach the dog to shake hands, you must first call him by his name, and when he comes near, extend your hand to shake hands.

I may not shake this hand in the initial days. If a dog does not raise a hand, you will have to shake it by holding its hand, and when it does the shaking itself on your instructions, give it a treat to eat as a reward.

5. Teach the dog how to sit.

Teaching a dog to sit is what every dog owner wants, but if you don’t do it properly, it can be very tricky. You don’t have to teach. Give step-by-step training.

You will need treats to teach a dog to sit.

Step 1

First of all, take the treat and call your dog near me. Take the treat in your hand and take it near the dog’s mouth.

Step 2

After taking the treat near the mouth, slowly move it upwards towards the dog’s paw. After doing this, you will see that you will come to the dog’s sitting position, and when the dog is completely seated, you have to give the treat to the dog.

Step 3

You have to repeat this process for several days; after doing this, it will start sitting at your behest, but you also have to keep in mind that gradually you will have to reduce the treat.

6. How to Potty Train a Dog.

It is very important to potty train your pet dog because otherwise it can make your house messy and smelly, so the question here is how to potty train the dog.

So do not worry about this; some method is going to tell you that if you follow, then you can easily train your dog for potty.

1. It is usually difficult to know when your dog will come to the potty, but in general, the dog comes to the potty in the morning and after dinner, besides more physical activity like playing or running. After such activities, the dog should come to the come to the potty.

2. You have to determine the potty place and take your dog to that place daily in the morning and after dinner every day.

It may be that in the first few days it will not potty in that place, but after some time, you will see that the dog will potty by going to the potty place.

3. If you do not want to take the dog out for potty, then you can also use a home-made toilet.

7. How to control the dog.

To control your dog, the first thing you need to do is keep him tied up and scold him when you approach him and when he’s on top of you.

step 1

To control your dog, the first thing you need to do is keep him tied up and scold him when you approach him and when he’s on top of you.

Step 2

Whenever the dog dominates you and catches you, you do not have to react; you have to stand straight because most of the dogs behave like this to get your attention.

Step 3

When no one responds, the dog will calm down, and then you have to instruct the dog to sit. If he does not listen to you, then you can also use the treat.

It may take some time to control the dog, but if you follow the above-mentioned methods daily, you will see good results.

How do you teach a dog to bark?

A dog’s voice is barking, but many people complain to their dog that they do not bark. So what to do now? How do you teach a dog to bark?

If you are worried that your dog does not bark, then we will try to remove your concern. You can teach your dog to bark in some easy ways.

So let’s know how to teach a dog to bark.

Step 01

First of all, you have to attract the attention of the dog towards you, for which you can take the help of the treat, and you have to invite him to you by luring the treat.

Step 02

Seeing the treat, when the dog comes near, you do not have to give him a treat. When you do not give the treat to the dog, he will get angry and start barking, and then you have to give him a treat. By doing this, the dog will understand that he has to bark, and he will get the treat.

Step 03

Along with giving treats, you will also have to praise the dog by petting it and give orders to bark along with the treat.

By repeating this process again and again, you will see good results, and you will get cups.

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