Don’t worry if you love to travel but can’t enjoy it due to budget constraints. There are many such places in our country, where you do not need a lot of money to visit. You will need only 5000 rupees to explore these places. The special thing is that in these 5000 rupees your travel, living and food will be covered. So why are you late, let’s know about 5 such Indian destinations, where you will have to spend only 5000 rupees to roam.


Rishikesh is known for the Ganges River and White River Rafting. This is the perfect place for adventure lovers and lazy tourists. It is also known as the city of Yoga. The help of train and bus can be taken to reach Rishikesh, which is about 225 km from Delhi. For this it starts from just Rs.200. Here you will find many ashrams and hostels to stay, where daily expenses are only 200 rupees. You can also take the help of street food kiosk built on the road side here for food. The food here will be tasty and budget friendly. You can also take the help of private bus for local roaming here.


Kasauli is a small place, which is very beautiful as well as affordable. You can travel by train from Delhi to Kalka to reach here. Sharing taxi facility is available from there to Kasauli. Here you will also find pocket friendly hotels and lodges, where your stay will be less than 1000 rupees for about 500 rupees per day. Talking about traveling around, Kasauli is a small place, which you can easily roam on foot. Food and drink can also be arranged here in a local way. You will get cheap and delicious food here in Mall Road itself.


Vrindavan is not just for visiting temples and religious people, one can go here and find relaxation. Vrindavan’s name is recorded in history and there are many beautiful places here. The best part here is you can get a hotel to stay here for a very low price. The hotel fare for a day is only Rs 500. Similarly, many budget options will be found here for food and drink. You can take the help of local auto to roam here.


Lansdowne is so beautiful you will get lost in its beauty. This is a military place so there are usually not many people here. This place is located at a distance of about 250 km from Delhi, where you can take the help of a bus to go. After reaching Kotdwar, the local bus will take you directly to Lansdowne. In this way your expenditure will hardly come to Rs 500. Here you can stay in hotels from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500. You can spend the rest of the money on travel and food.


The beauty of Varanasi has been seen in many films, including the recently released film ‘Brahmastra’. Here the evening Ganga Aarti is so beautiful that you will be lost. Train and bus service is available from almost everywhere to reach here. The place is also famous for its religious tones, so there are plenty of inexpensive options for staying here as well. You can stay here for 300 rupees per day. There are also many cheap options available for food and drink and you can take the help of sharing auto or bus to travel around.


If you are bored with the urban life and want to get closer to the mountains but in a quieter environment, then there is no better place than Mcleodganj. It lies in front of Dharamsala and is the best option for budget tourists. Its specialty is that here you will get accommodation for 500 rupees per day. You can get accommodation in Naddi or Dharamkot around here for 300 rupees. There will also be budget options for food and you can take advantage of local rides to roam.


Very few people know about Hampi but this place is so different and spectacular that you will want to visit here again and again. In Hampi, you will find centuries-old ruins, which are located on either side of the Tungabhadra river. The beauty and simplicity of Hampi will surely captivate you. Here you can see many foreign tourists as well as indigenous people. This is the reason why you will find budget options to stay here. Also lots of food and drink options. Talking about roaming, you can enjoy the service of local bus here.