Our skin becomes dead due to increased pollution. This is caused by dead particles in the skin. When these dead particles accumulate in the skin for a long time, then there is a problem with acne on the face. Therefore, women going to college and jobs have to face these nail pimples more. If you are also one of such women then these 5 homemade scrubs can help you. These homemade scrubs will not only remove the pimples on your face but will also bring a natural glow to the face.

So let’s know in this slideshow how to make homemade scrubs and bring the glow to your face.

Moisturize your face with sugar

Sugar not only enhances the taste of food but also fulfills many of your needs. Apart from these needs, sugar can also be used to make your face soft. Many types of carbohydrates are present in sugar due to which they are beneficial for the skin and work to moisturize the facial skin. To make a sugar scrub, make a mixture of sugar and lemon and massage it on the face for some time. This will remove all the dead particles from the skin and it will also bring a glow to the face.

Remove dead skin with papaya

Everyone knows that eating papaya brings a glow to the skin. But do you know that papaya can also be used as a scrub? Papaya contains vitamin A and Papain enzymes that eliminate dead skin. To make homemade scrub of papaya, mash the papaya and add a little sugar, almond oil, or honey to it. Using this scrub daily will make your skin soft.

Make pimples free from tomatoes

Tomatoes are very beneficial for the skin because tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K. For this reason, this skin moisturizer also works. To make a tomato scrub, make a mixture of tomato and sugar and apply it to the face. This will always keep the skin pimple-free.

Repair face with Cocoa

Cocoa contains a lot of antioxidants, due to which it also works to repair the skin. Apart from this, nitric oxide is also present in it, which also helps in blood circulation. In Cocoa, you can mix honey or water and use it as a homemade scrub. This makes the skin soft by removing dead particles from the skin.

Keep face tan free from rice

Along with eating rice, it is also useful to apply on the face. Actually, rice contains vitamin B1, so it goes into the pores of the face and eliminates dead particles, and makes the skin smooth and bright. To make a rice scrub, first, grind the rice and then mix it in milk and apply it to the face. This will make the skin smooth and glowing.

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