The UK family visa allows you to stay in the UK with your loved ones, your partner/spouse and your children for more than 6 months.

The Family visa for spouses or partners is referred to as a UK Spouse visa.

If the purpose of the UK visit was to get married then you must apply with a UK marriage visitor visa.

The UK spouse visa is granted for a period of 2 years and 9 months and after which you may extend it further to 30 more months. The UK Spouse visa provides a shortest path to British citizenship with 3 years of continuous residence in the UK without breaking any UK immigration law and correctly upholding good character.

The benefits of a UK spouse visa

One of the many benefits is that you will be able to live with your family and partner in the UK without any immigration control. You become eligible for working in the UK if your partner has active ILR status. You can extend your stay as much as you want if you continue to abide by the UK immigration laws.

The spouse visa also provides you with an excellent opportunity to gain British citizenship.

Exploring other ways to stay in the UK

There are other ways to gain settlement in the UK if you once had a spouse visa and permission to stay in the UK when:

  • You were abused and victimised
  • Your partner or spouse passed away.

You may also look to apply under family reunion in the UK if your partner is a refugee or they are under humanitarian protection.

You can also apply for a UK spouse visa from within the UK if you want to switch to a UK spouse visa from any other visa who may be currently holding. You must make a visa application before the current visa expires.

Documentary requirements

  • You need your current passport
  • Proof of your relationship with your partner
  • English language skill certificate or if you have a degree taught in UK English
  • Partner’s identify proof

Application requirements, processing, and fees

At the time of application you and your spouse must be at least 18 years of age or above.

You partner must be a British citizen or have a settled status in the UK(having an ILR)

They can also have a refugee status or be under the humanitarian protection in the UK

The applicant must make an online application and pay £1,523 if they are making an application from outside the UK and £1,033 while they are in the UK during the application process.

Immigration Health surcharge of £624 per year per applicant is changed along with £19.20 for biometrics information of the applicant.

If you are applying for a UK spouse visa from your home country then it takes about 12 weeks to get the decision.

If you are applying for it from within the UK then the same procedure takes 8 weeks to complete.

Super-priority services are also available to help you expedite your application.

It takes one working day to get a decision with super priority service if you have completed the biometrics process. And 2 working days if you submit your application on a weekend.

Applicants who take legal consultation!

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