1. Introduction

If you were one of the fortunate May babies, the emerald is your birthstone for the month. The lushly-hued stone has been treasured for thousands of years in mythology, medicine, religion, and aristocracy and is one of the most well-known valuable jewels in existence. 

Emerald is one of the Big Four precious stones, which also include rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. These four gems are the most expensive and sought-after in the world. 

The eye-soothing hue of emerald soothes everyone who sees it, conjuring images of lush gardens and secret woods. Unlike every other hue in the rainbow, its green, and hence it relieves eyestrain and stress.

  1. Emerald: Birthstone For May

The emerald has long been the birthstone for May. From Ireland’s Emerald Isle to the fanciful Emerald City in The Wizard of Oz, the enchantment green stone has a long history with a variety of civilizations and faiths. 

The reason why emeralds were chosen as May’s birthstone probably has something to do with springtime. May is a spring month in the northern hemisphere, and an emerald’s vibrant green light closely mimics the abundant vegetation of a typical lush spring. 

  1. What Color Is May’s Birthstone?

An emerald is unmistakably green in hue. Its deep forest green is both enchanting and opulently earthy, conjuring images of rolling hills and hummingbird wings.

Nearly all green gemstones’ opulent color may be linked to an uncommon admixture of natural compounds that coexist below the earth’s surface. 

When vanadium, chromium, and iron combine inside the mineral beryl, a chemical reaction occurs that yields a real emerald. The main contributors to the development of such an incredibly deep and strong shade of green are vanadium and chromium. 

“Nothing greens greener” than the lovely emerald stone, according to the ancient Greek biologist and philosopher Pliny the Elder. 

The Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, who decked herself with them lavishly and is believed to have popularized the stones during her tenure in 330 B.C., shared the love of emeralds that the Grecians had for them. 

  1. Emerald Meaning

The emerald stone has a number of symbolic connotations that are maintained by many different civilizations and religious beliefs all around the world.

This May birthstone’s hue, green, is often linked to prosperity, vigor, and fertility. As a representation of rebirth, the ancient Egyptians offered emeralds to their gods, and some people even wore the stone as a charm to bring good luck or provide protection. 

The Romans intimately connected Venus, the goddess of love, with both the emerald hue and the stone itself. They thought that if they offered emeralds to the goddess, she would reward them with good fortune, love, fertility, and friendship.

The human eye perceives green more strongly than any other color in the spectrum, according to Leatrice Eiseman of the Pantone Color Institute. Green is the most prevalent color in nature. This makes it possible for anyone gazing at an emerald to absorb all of the light that reflects green completely. 

Emeralds are a common Emerald Jewelry gift for Western couples celebrating their 25th and 30th wedding anniversaries. Emeralds are a universal representation of wealth, health, and fortune.

  1. History Of Emerald Birthstone

The ever-enchanting emerald has captivated the hearts of countless royals and countries throughout history, from the South American Incas to the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. 

The emerald is one of the oldest valuable stones currently in use that was naturally created up to 3 billion years ago. Although emerald mines are currently found all across South America, Zambia, China, and Brazil, the oldest known emerald mines were in Egypt. 

This jewel’s name was initially given in ancient Greece. The term “emerald” was originally smaragdos, which means “green stone.” 

It is known as marakata in India, which means “the green glowing.” But it was the Greek term smaragdos that finally made its way into English and became “emerald.” 

The largest supplier of emeralds in the world has been Columbia for more than 500 years. All other emeralds are compared to Columbian emeralds in terms of value.

  1. Benefits & Healing Properties Of Emerald

In several instances throughout human history, healers have used this lovely gemstone as a tool for spiritual direction or as medication. 

According to certain traditional healers, putting an emerald beneath the tongue will ward off bad spirits and allow the speaker to speak the truth exclusively. Because of this, some individuals would put an emerald under the tongue of a dishonest partner who was thought to be having an affair. 

Ancient energy healing methods have long valued this emerald jewelry for its inherent capacity to improve prosperity and health. According to legend, wearing emeralds jewelry would give the person more energy and eloquence while speaking. 

A little more recently, emeralds jewelry has been thought to be so gentle on the eyes that they help treat conditions involving the retina and enhance memory. But rather than the emerald jewelry itself, it’s more likely to be the shade of green which causes these benefits. 

  1. How To Clean And Care For Emerald Jewelry

Despite their toughness and resistance to harm, emeralds jewelry nevertheless need care. 

  • When cleaning, use mild soap and warm water rather than excessive heat or vibrations in order to minimize the cracking of your favorite piece of emerald jewelry.
  • Avoid soaking emerald jewelry in water.
  • Steer clear of strong soaps and detergents while cleaning your emerald jewelry. 

This cleaning and maintenance advice are all you need to know if you possess this priceless emerald jewelry in order to keep its worth.

  1. Tips For Storing Emerald Jewelry

Emerald jewelry should be maintained in a separate box, much like other priceless jewels, to avoid scuffing or surface damage. The ideal container for keeping the gem safe and secure is a soft, densely cushioned box or bag. Your emerald jewelry will be maintained as long as you adhere to these practical instructions for keeping this May birthstone and its storied worth.

  1. Conclusion

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