UPI Without Internet. After demonetisation, there has been a big revolution in the field of digital payments in India. Currently, transactions are being done on a large scale on platforms like Phone Pay, Google Pay, Paytm, etc.

with the help of UPI. Or rather, UPI has brought a big change in the digital payment system. However, it is also a fact that online transactions are possible only if you have a smartphone and have internet access.

But a bitter truth is that in India with a population of 130 crores, many people still use feature phones instead of smartphones. Due to this, they are deprived of many facilities including online transactions and UPI.

Keeping this in mind, the government has decided to give the option of availing the UPI facility to the feature phone users, so that they too can make their life easier through an online payment. For this, RBI has launched a new service (Upi123pay), so let’s know detailed information about it.

RBI launches new UPI service (Reserve Bank of India to launch new UPI123PAY service)

In our country, many people take advantage of the UPI service by making online payments, but those people who use feature phones in rural areas are not able to take advantage of the UPI service. In such a situation, RBI has launched a new UPI service which has been named “UPI123Pay”. It can also be used without the internet. Along with this, the facility of 24-hour helpline service named “DigiSaathi” has been launched, so that the customers can get convenience.

About 40 crore people will get benefit

Let us inform you that this new service launched by RBI will benefit about 400 million population in India, who use feature phones even in this era of modernization. With the launch of the UPI service, a large population of the country will be able to connect to UPI and take advantage of it.

Feature phone holders will now be able to make online payment

For information, let us tell you that the Reserve Bank of India had decided to launch this service for feature phones in December 2021, which has been launched in March 2022. Till now, the UPI payment service started in 2016 could be used only by smartphone holders, but now feature phone users will also get a chance to use the new service.

With this, they will not need to carry cash with them all the time. With the help of this new UPI service Upi123pay, any type of online payment can be done except the option of Scan and Pay i.e. code scanning.

How to use Upi123pay (How to use Upi123pay Service)

To avail of this service, feature phone holders need to have their mobile number linked to their account. If someone’s mobile number is not linked to the account, then to take advantage of this service, first of all, link your number to the account.

Now the feature phone holder will have to call the number 08045163666, where the customer will be informed about this new service (Upi123pay) through computer voice. After that customers will be given the option to select the transaction mode through which they will have to generate their UPI PIN. Through this UPI PIN, they will be able to make UPI payments.

Through this UPI123PAY service launched by RBI, more benefits will be reached to the people of rural areas, who have to move from one place to another or cities for money-related works.