Chia seeds will be no less than a superfood in summer. Learn how to use them from Sweta Mehra Nutritionist.

Summer has started and now in a few days, the weather is coming where you will not be able to sit inside a room without a cooler or AC. This will definitely be an opportunity where you feel that just in some way, the body gets cold. This season is something where many types of diseases occur, there are many problems and at the same time, you also feel that you get something light and good to eat.

In this case, why not eat chia seeds which can become like superfoods for summer. Sweta Mehra Nutritionist has given information about these seeds on how they can be eaten. Sabja seeds or chia seeds are very good to eat and can help in many types of problems.’

Sabja Seeds solve these problems-

Cooldown the rising heat in the body
Out of body toxins
Keep away from the problem of blotting and headache
If weight loss is not happening then it can help
Repeatedly give relief from the problem of hunger

Now that Chia seeds are so affordable and good, why not get some more information about them.

Will cool the body in summer

Chia seeds can cool the body in summer. If they are taken regularly, then they act like blotting, headache, toxins, etc. from the body. Chia seeds can help you even if you are having acidity.

Chia seeds can be best for weight loss

Chia seeds can also help you with weight loss. They are a good source of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and are associated with fat burning and weight loss. This can prove to be a good option for you.

Chia seeds meet the shortage of fiber

Another reason chia seeds are a superfood is that they contain a lot of fiber content that fills the body and kills food cravings.

Include chia seeds in your diet this way-

Many people accept Chia seeds, but they do not know how to include them in the diet.

– You keep them strangled in water for 1 hour before. After this, add these sabja seeds to your curd, buttermilk, milkshake, syrup, etc.

You can mix it with just 1 glass of water and a pinch of salt and a little sugar and drink it.

This amazing recipe can be made with chia seeds-

Munmun Ganirewal has also told about a recipe made by Chia Seeds. He has told the recipe of Chia Shikanji Sharbat.

Crushed ice
Sugar as per taste
Salt to taste
A little lemon juice
cumin powder
Black Salt
Throat Chia Seeds

Mix all these ingredients in a glass and mix well. After this, you can also add a little curd to it. Drink it like this