Various Types of Event Management Services Trending in 2021

Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic took over the world, a lot has changed. Various industries observed a dynamic shift that nobody was really looking forward to. The events industry is one of the many industries that faced drastic changes. From the way we perceive events to the way of organizing and planning them, everything has evolved.

Be it of any kind or type, on-site events have shifted to the virtual events platform pretty quickly. However, as we all know that change is the only constant, the trends in the industry are still evolving. With every passing day, we are getting to observe new emerging trends in the virtual events industry as well as event management as a whole.

There have always been unlimited options when it came to the types of services provided by event management companies. However, with all the evolving aspects, the event management service trends are emerging too.  

Let’s move ahead to explore some of the top types of event management services trending in 2021. But before that, let’s get the hang of all the basics.

What are Event Management Services?

Event Management involves various dynamic activities that come together to ensure an efficient event experience for you. From planning and strategizing to arranging and executing, event management comprises several aspects. Organizations have been using different types of event management services as a marketing tool for a very long time now.

The Emergence of Virtual and Hybrid

Apart from various services, virtual events and hybrid events are the two most talked about emerging trends that are here to stay. Although these two are not really the emerging trends and more of already emerged concepts gaining unmatched popularity, there is still a long way to cover.

The virtual shift of event management is hidden by none. The biggest and the most prominent organizations are also looking forward to taking their events online. The last one year has absolutely been the year of Virtual events. Many skilled virtual event planners came up with exceptional concepts and a blend of tech and events, leading to the emergence of countless innovative tools. Virtual event management services have crossed various bars to accomplish the goal of organizing efficient events. Hence, the trend of virtual events has been a major part of the event management industry lately.

Coming to the prospects of hybrid events, it is very significant to acknowledge its growing importance in the industry. As the restrictions of the pandemic are constantly lifting, more people are planning to take their events offline. However, they have witnessed the success of virtual events. Hence, they want to add a hint of it in their physical event. And that’s how hybrid events come to life. As per many virtual event management specialists and experts, Hybrid events are going to be the future of event management companies.

It is so because organizing a hybrid event means bringing the best of both worlds under the same roof, ensuring not just the success but the exceptional performance of the events. Therefore, the trend of organizing hybrid events requires utmost attention if you wish to host matchless events and meetings, reaching out to your global audience without any hassle and extra expenses.

Moving ahead, let’s explore the list of event management services.

List of Top Event Management Services

#1 Personal Events

Different types of personal and social events fall under this section. Most of these events are planned by an individual looking forward to hosting the party and reaching out to the event management service providers for the same. An efficient event management company can ensure your personalized requirements to host such parties and events. However, even personal events have shifted to the virtual event platforms to organize their parties, and the event tech providers have not disappointed them. Following are the top types of personal events:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Engagement Parties
  • Baby Shower
  • Themed Celebrations
  • Personal Meet-ups
  • Get Together
  • And the list goes on

#2 Corporate Events

Due to the pandemic, many significant planned corporate events had to be canceled. However, the event management industry came up with diversified solutions to ensure maximum facilities. A corporate event has to be secure at times, and at other times, it aims to reach out to a global audience. Hence, a virtual meeting platform like Dreamcast came to the rescue of various organizations at difficult times. Corporate events require a robust platform with highly engaging and networking features. Following are some of the top types of corporate events:

  • Conferences
  • Recruiting Fairs
  • Job Fairs
  • Product Launches
  • Town Hall Meetings
  • Networking Events
  • Team Meeting
  • Team Building Event, etc.

#3 Trade Shows and Expos

Trade shows and expos are events that happen on a large scale. Products and services are showcased in front of the target audience to maximize their reach and create exceptional brand awareness. These showcases require eye-catching exhibition booths set up in a visually appealing setting. These events also involve interactive and engaging activities and contests that add to the fun of the event for all the attendees. With the help of advanced hybrid and virtual trade show platforms, organizations looking forward to hosting trade shows and expos got an opportunity to reach a wide range of global audiences. Dreamcast provides its clients with top-notch customizable, networking, and engaging features with the best exhibit booth designs and templates.

#4 Award Ceremonies

Award ceremonies are another major type of event management service that is of great prominence to various industries. Award shows have diversified goals and aims. From the creative and arts to the corporate and government, each industry hosts several award ceremonies at least once a year. However, the pandemic made it impossible to host large-scale events, and the virtual event services made it possible to host global award ceremonies. Following are some types of Award Ceremonies:

  • Corporate Award Ceremony
  • National Music Award Show
  • National Business Award Show
  • National Film Award Fest
  • Literature Awards
  • Civilian Award Shows

#5 Fundraising and Charity Events

These are large-scale social events that aim to raise funds for various backgrounds and reasons. The revenue generated for fundraising and charity events is majorly dependent on ticket sales, registrations, and auctions. Fundraising events that happen in a school, college, office, or even organized by an individual falls under this category of event management service. The two main types of charity and fundraising events include charity galas and silent auction events.

To organize any form and type of event over a highly efficient and customizable virtual event platform, reach out to Dreamcast today!