Different individuals like different types of cuisine. Right? And this is true even when discussing the consumption of various types of nuts and dry fruits. Some people prefer almonds rather than cashews, while others prefer the opposite. Even some explore and order special cashew nuts like W240 Cashew Nut. That’s how big of a cherry-picker people are. And why not, it’s their meal, their call!

So, having a thorough understanding of what you desire and like eating is important. If you enjoy cashews, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll look through cashew nut grades, types, and their benefits in depth. Let’s get started!

Different Types of Cashew Nut Grades

There are 33 distinct grades of cashew nuts. However, just 26 of them are a part of commercial trade and business. Each grade gives you an idea about the kernel’s shape, size, and color.

Wholes are specified in AFI standards as kernels with the distinctive form of cashew kernels and no more than 1/8th of the kernel torn off. In UNECE Standards, whole kernels are described as having the typical form of a cashew nut, and the presence of a tiny hole at the proximal end of the kernel or a central split is not considered a fault. A kernel that has only 1/8th of its kernel split off is also considered whole. There is no mention of the acceptable limit for the broken part of the kernel in CEPC or BIS standards.

Cashew kernel CEPC classification

  • White Wholes (W) – These are white, pale ivory, or light ash in color, e.g. W240 Cashew Nuts.
  • Scorched Wholes (SW) – They have a somewhat brown color due to the prolonged roasting time.
  • Dessert Wholes (DW) – deep brown, blue, speckled, discolored, and black spotted.
  • Wholes are classified as “wholes” (W1), “scorched wholes” (W2), “second scorched wholes” (W3), and “fourth quality wholes” (W4) in Brazilian standards.

White Whole Grades


When it comes to size and pricing, the W-180 is at the top of the list. It is the largest and most costly cashew nut and is widely referred to as the “King of Cashews” due to its size. The W-180 Cashew Price reflects the value and quality of the grade.


Closely following the “King of Cashews” is W-210, often known as Jumbo-sized cashew nuts. The W-210 cashew price is comparable to the W-180, indicating that it is still on the expensive side.


W-240 is a high-quality grade, often known as regular-size cashew. In terms of both pricing and quality, the W240 cashew nuts price lies in the mid-range.


W-320 is the most frequently distributed cashew grade in the world, almost associated with Goa, and noted for its abundance in the state. It is popular among consumers due to its low price and small size.


Because of their small size, the W-450 cashew nuts are easy to find in the market. The W-450 cashew price range is also one of the most affordable, making it popular among low-cost whole grades.

W240 Cashew Nut – High-Grade Products

This grade of cashew nuts is a large-sized white whole cashew that has between 220 and 240 nuts/pound. These cashew nuts have a rich taste, and are used in recipes that call for honey cashews, salted cashew nuts, garlic cashews, wasabi cashews, and so on. or to be processed into cashew cheese or cashew butter by salting, sugaring, seasoning, roasting, oil frying, or industrial processing. “W” in W240 cashew nuts stands for “White Whole” and the number 240 represents the number of kernels in 1 pound of cashew. As per top W240 Cashew Nut Manufacturers in India, these nuts are comparable in appearance to white kernels in every other way, including nutritional attributes.

Health Benefits of W240 Cashew Nut

Keeps Heart Healthy

Numerous studies show that cashews are high in nutrients such as protein, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fatty acids. These nutrients contribute to the anti-inflammatory and heart-protective properties.

W240 Cashew Nuts also contain unsaturated fatty acids, which aid with cholesterol control. As a result, it decreases the risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, and heart attack even further. In addition to being high in unsaturated fats and proteins, these are also high in fiber. Fibre aids in the reduction of LDL cholesterol, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Keeps Blood Pressure under Control

Persons who consume W240 Cashew Nuts as part of a well-balanced diet can see a decrease in blood sugar.

Controls Diabetes Symptoms

Cashews are a healthful nut that can help reduce blood glucose levels, resulting in better control of type 2 diabetic symptoms. According to the journal Nutrients, eating nuts such as cashews, hazelnuts, almonds, and Brazil nuts can help lessen the consequences of type 2 diabetes. Nuts have been demonstrated to have a little favorable effect on blood sugar regulation and lower the glycemic response after eating a meal. Other research has shown that W240 Cashew Nuts extract boosts glucose absorption and has the potential to be an alternative natural therapy for diabetes.

Balances Cholesterol Level

W240 Cashew Nuts appear to reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol while increasing ‘good’ cholesterol in the body. This is because cashews are low in unsaturated fat, which means that when consumed as part of a healthy, balanced diet, they should help decrease cholesterol.

Strengthen Bones

W240 Cashew Nuts are high in vitamins and minerals that have been found to support bone health and perhaps prevent problems like osteoporosis. According to a 2016 study, cashew nuts are an excellent source of magnesium, which helps to maintain bone health. 2 ounces of cashew nuts provide around 160 milligrams of magnesium or approximately 40% of the RDI. Cashews are particularly high in vitamin K, which is essential for bone health.

Some studies show that the majority of individuals do not obtain enough vitamin K. A lack of vitamin K reduces bone mass density and raises the risk of bone fractures. Two ounces of cashew nuts provide approximately 19 milligrams of vitamin K or 25% of the recommended daily allowance.


If you’re looking for nutrition-packed, healthy, and tasty snacks, then W240 Cashew Nut is the ideal option. R.K. Agro Processing is one of the leading W240 Cashew Nut Suppliers in India, providing original products to its clients. W240 contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin K, copper, and iron, which aid in the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin, hair, and eye color.