Nowadays everyone earns money but investing it in the right place is the right use of money. A rumor has been spread in the minds of people that the stock market is a gamble but it is not true. Today we will know about the share market through this post-

What is share market?

The stock market is an important part of the economy of a developed country. Share market is very important for the development of any country’s industries. Share market is a market where shares of companies can be bought and sold.

Just as there is bargaining in the ordinary market, in the same way, shares are bought or sold by bargaining in the stock market. Share means share in share market. To buy shares of a company means to become a shareholder or shareholder of that company. To increase its business, the company sells some of its company’s stake in the stock market and raises money from the investor by listing it in the stock market through Initial Public Offering (IPO).

According to the amount of money you invest, you become the owner of some percent of those companies. When you become the owner of those company, it means that there will be profit in future, then your money will continue to grow like this and if there is a loss, then you will not get a single penny, there will be loss.

How many stock exchanges are there in Indian share market:-

Any share that is bought or sold through a stock exchange. Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange are the two main stock exchanges in the Indian stock market.

The index of Bombay Stock Exchange is Sensex. Sensex is represented on the basis of total value of top 30 companies listed on BSE in the country. If Sensex rises then most of the companies listed in BSE can see good performance. In the same way, if the Sensex falls, then poor performance can be seen in most of the companies.

The index of the National Stock Exchange is Nifty. Nifty is represented on the basis of total value of top 50 companies of the country listed on NSE. If Nifty rises then good performance can be seen in most of the companies listed on NSE. Similarly, if Nifty falls, then poor performance can be seen in most of the companies.

Why does the share market fluctuate:-

Just as the price of an item is less in the normal market, similarly in the stock market also it depends on the demand and supply. If the demand for a share increases, the price of that share increases. In the same way, when there is no demand for the share, then the price of the share will come down. Demand and supply of shares mostly depend on the basis of information like company’s results being better, increasing profits, getting orders etc.

How to invest in share market :-

In the share market, you cannot buy shares directly from the stock exchange. For this you have to go to BROKER and open DEMAT ACCOUNT. Just as we keep our money in the bank, in the same way we have to keep money in DEMAT ACCOUNT to buy shares. Your D ACCOUNT will be linked with the bank.

You can transfer money to your bank account whenever you want. There are many stock brokers in the stock market, among them UPSTOX, ZERODHA, ANGEL BROKING etc. Once you open a Demat Account, you can buy or sell shares by logging into them.

Jury Our Opinion From Share Market

  • Before investing, listen to everyone but do yours.
  • There is no short cut in the stock market, stay away from AC short cut.
  • Before investing in any company in the share market, know about that company.