If you are unable to do workouts for weight loss due to lack of time, then you can do these 3 easy exercises while watching TV.

To live a healthy life, it is very important that you stay fit, but due to the busy lifestyle, people usually do not get the opportunity to focus on themselves. In particular, women are so entangled in household work that they are not able to pay more attention to their health and fitness. The result of this is that their weight increases, due to which the body also gets other diseases.

If you are a housewife, then definitely take some time to exercise at home. If you are short of time, while watching your favorite TV serial on TV, you can do some simple exercises and burn fat. Let us tell you about these easy exercises.

Jumping jack exercises

One of the easiest exercises to burn fat is a jumping jack, which you can easily do while watching TV. This exercise increases the level of blood circulation in the body by increasing the heart beat. With this exercise, you can also burn calories faster. Let me tell you that jumping jack is a kind of aerobic workout. It is also a very good cardio exercise. If you do this exercise regularly for 10 – 20 minutes, then your weight will also start decreasing. The best thing is that after doing this exercise you feel very light.

How To Exercise Jumping Jack

First of all, stand up straight.
Now spread the arms and legs.
After that, jump in the air.
When you bounce upwards, spread the arms and legs.
When you come down, straighten the arms and legs.

High Knee March Exercise

This is a very good cardio exercise. You can also do this exercise easily while watching TV. This exercise can give a very good shape to your abdomen, hip and thyse. If you do this exercise 50 to 100 times on a regular basis, you will benefit a lot. You should do 3 sets of this exercise daily. It will take you 10 to 20 minutes to do it.

How to exercise the high knee

First of all, stand up straight. During this time, both of your legs should be joined together.
After that, bring the left hand up to the chest, and raise the right leg slightly upwards while bending from the knee.
Then raise the left leg and right hand up and move the right leg and left hand down.
Do this process a little more frequently. Keep in mind that do not do this exercise with too much speed or else you will get tired soon.

Palm up-palm down exercise

If you have a lot of fat in your arms, then you can do this simple exercise by watching TV to reduce it. Do this exercise in 3 sets and 40 to 50 times in one go, folding hands with elbows up and down. While doing this take a deep breath. Regularly you do this exercise for 10 minutes, then the fat stored in your arms will be reduced.