Website promotion will be effective only if carried out professionally. It is important to know what tools to use and in what cases. There are many nuances when it comes to website promotion, which should be taken into account. That is why website promotion is better to order from companies that specialize in providing similar services. Self-promotion in the absence of experience can lead to mistakes and not getting the desired result.

Mistakes In the Promotion Of Sites

A large number of keywords are in the content of the resource.

Many believe that the more keywords the content contain, the more likely it is that the site will be highly rated. However, this is not true. Search engines take into account not only the number of keywords but also the “water” of the text. So the excess of keywords can be perceived as spam. As a result, such a site will not only jump to the best positions but may even be banned.

Wrong selection of keywords.

Some texts are not created based on the necessary keywords. They are written separately and only then, keywords are selected for them. This is an illiterate approach to promotion. Before proceeding to the promotion, it is necessary to find out which requests are the most popular. Only then, you should make content, based on them.

Headings of sites in the form of graphic images. Some believe that this can emphasize the individual style of the site and attract users. Maybe this is so. However, search engine robots will not be able to see the headers and index the graphics. Such actions can lead to a downgrade of the site.

Application of scripts to optimize navigation through resource pages. Robotic search engines cannot run scripts. Therefore, they will not be able to move to the very depth of the resource. A number of pages can still be indexed, but this will not be enough to raise the site to the top positions.

Use the hidden text on the site. This kind of promotion can be attributed to the “black” method. An ordinary user cannot suspect anything, but search engine robots will determine the trick immediately. If the number of such words exceeds the allowable limit, the site will be banned.

This is not the list of all the mistakes that are allowed during the promotion. However, if you eliminate at least these, then you can significantly improve the results.

Errors in the selection of keywords for the initial promotion of the site

The errors made by the webmaster at the stage of compiling the semantic core lead to the fact that not all further efforts to promote the site give the desired result. Therefore, you need to know what to look for when selecting keywords to avoid even these typical mistakes:

The first mistake for a new site can be too broad a thematic scatter of keywords. A young project is easier to promote if it has a narrow niche specialization, which must certainly be reflected in the semantic core.

The second mistake is too general queries are used for keywords. For example, the query “car”, which, according to Google, is being searched for by more than 6.5 million users every month, is so wide that to cover all of its values ​​you need not a website but a whole portal. Accordingly, the competition for the relevance of this request will be among huge Internet resources that have proven themselves in users and search engines. But not a new site.

The third mistake, which is often made by those who decided not to repeat error number 2 is the too narrow a query. A key phrase consisting of several words is much more preferable in terms of progress. Promoting the page, you will quickly take the first position in the TOP. However, here is the question: how many users will see this very issue. In order to find a middle ground between the popularity of user requests and the ease of advancement on it, practice is required. In the meantime, be guided by our advice: do not make the key phrase longer than four words. Users usually do not type in longer requests into the search engine.

The fourth mistake is too many key phrases fall on one page. Also a very subjective factor. How much is this? Again, we will first take our advice as a guide: try to ensure that for every thousand characters of the text, there is no more than one key phrase. Do you want to optimize the page for more keys? Increase the amount of content.

The fifth error is the absence both in the semantic core and in the word synonyms and associative queries that are optimized for a certain key query. Their presence avoids unpleasant repetition for the reader’s eye and shows the search engines that the page is relevant to the query in meaning, and not because the webmaster has written the same phrase ten times in it.

Of course, the most important secret of the success of the promotion is that the site must contain interesting content for the user. Otherwise, you will simply lose a huge amount of money and time, but it is pointless.

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