Growing up, one of the things I always looked forward to was a carnival! The colors, the atmosphere, the rides, I just loved every bit of it.

All I have to do is close my eyes and I’m immediately transported to the land of smiles. I can smell the fresh popcorn and hear giggles full of joy. Ah, sweet memories.

Carnivals were all sorts of fun and they had something for everyone. Cotton candy kiosks for the hungry kids, merry-go-rounds for the dreamers, balloons for the ecstatic, and Ferris wheels for those who wanted to feel like rulers of the world.

Too bad I can’t go back to being a kid but I’ve found an alternative for adults. Weddings! Trust me, a lovely wedding can bring out the best of emotions.


Weddings are the adult versions of carnivals. They’re beautiful, colorful, have activities for everyone and they’re just full of happiness.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “How does one get to go to weddings all the time?” I’ve broken the code ladies and gentlemen, I became a wedding photographer.

It’s the best job in the world and it allows me to keep my inner child alive.

The Job Of A Wedding Photographer

A wedding is like a movie and a wedding photographer is the director of weddings. An amazing wedding needs all sorts of things to be successful. A photographer makes sure to capture all the beauty and joy that is in the air.

Taking pictures is no walk in the park. It requires both skill and talent and so it is the job of the photographer to take memorable photos.

Wedding Photos

A wedding album is a treasure unlike any other. It’s incredible how a small little book can hold memories that will be valuable for a lifetime. Each photo has a story. A giggle from a best man speech, a tear owing to the entry of a bride.

These moments are what matter and only a capable photographer will be able to capture them for eternity.

The ABC’s To Wedding Photos

Taking a picture is no walk in the park and wedding pictures just raise the stakes even higher. Luckily, I happened to pick up a wedding term, from a group of Minnesota Wedding Photographers, which is known as ‘The Wedding ABCs’.

The ABCs stand for,

A- Always smile – A photographer should always be in a good mood and should have the ability to mingle with the wedding guests. A comfortable environment will ensure pretty pictures.

B- Body language – The art of a good picture is, to form a bond between the subject and the photographer. Once the two are comfortable around each other the pictures will come out naturally beautiful.

C- Click Away – Weddings are full of picture-worthy moments and you don’t want to miss anything. Try and get as many shots as you can and pay extra attention to the moments involving the happy couple.

The Wedding ABCs are a full-proof way to get incredible pictures every time!

The Best Day Of Your Life

Weddings are just beautiful. They ooze elegance and can put anyone in a good mood. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this celebration of love? So if you want to close your eyes, and go back to a place where you feel happy and loved, what better place than your wedding day? All you have to do is flip through your wedding album and, Voila! You’ll be transported. It’ll be as if you’re getting married all over again. 

If you or your friends are thinking about getting hitched, then promise me you will hire a skilled photographer.

I wish you all have amazing weddings. Cheers!