What A Crossfit Class Looks Like and Where to Find one

Let us say that you are now hooked and want to try Crossfit Los Angeles for yourself. Now, you would probably want a simple glimpse into what a class looks like.

Crossfit Classes

Just about every Crossfit box(gym) in any place in the world will allow you to go inside and test it out yourself. You can join a class for free, so if you are interested you should try contacting your local Crossfit gyms and find out when and time they are having newbie sessions. The class structure of Crossfit is usually structured as such.

Crossfit 101 – Or basically, an introduction to Crossfit. For the lot of you that have never even tried doing Crossfit before even once, this is the place to start. Normally, what goes on in these classes is that there will a quick overview, and then later, a basic bodyweight movement workout, and then they talk to you about becoming part of the box. These are usually free to entice more members in joining.

On-Ramp/Elements – If you decided on joining the regular scheduled Crossfit Los Angeles workout, you will most likely be asked to go through the On-Ramp/Elements course. The main objective of these classes is to teach and inform you about the nine foundational movements of Crossfit and all about proper form. This is what all Crossfit members have to go through as a means of both an introduction and for their safety. No matter how tenured you are in Crossfit, these are vital knowledge and will definitely be worth the time, money, and energy that you spend on it. Even if you yourself, have the belief that you have sufficient enough form on the way you do your squats, deadlifts, and/or overhead presses, it is still quite amazing what can be improved when you have a trained set of eyes watching you do them.


Crossfit 101

Usual classes – Once you have joined in and began your Crossfit journey, these are probably the kinds of classes that you are probably going to get used to seeing or hearing about. A regular Crossfit class can take anywhere from 15 minutes, an hour, and beyond that. Just about everyone enrolled in the box will start at the same time, there are instructors and trainers monitoring walking and around assisting out and keeping track, and making sure that everybody is supporting each other and probably be under so much stress that they should be sweating and swearing a lot.

Crossfit Sections

These Crossfit Los Angeles classes will most likely be divided into sections and they are:

  • Nonstatic warm up – These include jogging on solid ground for 5 minutes or so, including but not limited to jumps, jumping jacks, jump rope, squats, push-ups, lunges, pull-ups but excludes simply jogging on a treadmill. Purposeful movements stretch, and mobility work will complement directly the movements that you will be doing in the workout that of each particular day.
  • Strength work/Skill work – If it is a strength day, one of the kinds of work out focus in Crossfit, then you will most likely be working on a pure strength movement such as squats or deadlifts. If it is not a strength day however, then you will be working on your skills and try to be better at movements like one-legged squats or muscle-ups.
  • The workout of the day or WOD – This is when you will be asked to do a certain number of repetitions on certain kinds of routines in an as little amount of time as possible, or, the other way around, you will have a time limit to do as many of a certain set of exercise as possible.
  • Stretching and Cooling down – In every kind of intense exercise, the cooldown is an important aspect that you cannot simply skip, and the same goes to Crossfit. Whether with a group or on your own, you will perform cool-down movements after all the extreme workouts have been completed. This would be the time where people who get pushed way too hard to go vomit in a trash can which would also be good so they can stretch out the muscles in their tummies.

Finding Your Class

Finding Your Class

If you have decided on joining a Crossfit class on your own accord, then chances are there is already one near you and you simply have to find your box. Other than simply choosing the one that is practical which is the one that is closest to you, you can still put a bit more thought into it. This is not as simple as picking a traditional gym because the people who go there, coaches, and trainers will be a big factor in how well Crossfit will be for you.

First and foremost, you should demand to have the best possible coaches and trainers possible which should both be competent and experienced enough in their own right. You should be able to see through that specific box’s website and not simply the Crossfit site, who the trainers and coaches will be, and how long they have been doing this, including their certifications and significant training.

There is quite the amount of cash waddled around in Crossfit Los Angeles these days, that is why there are a lot of many gyms are popping up all over the world every single day. You should ensure to do the ample amount of research on who is going to guide you in your Crossfit adventure, and if they actually have valid coaching experience and the right certifications.

On each and every one of them Crossfit websites, there is usually an updated daily blog where they would write about the workout of the day or WOD. You should look over this information for the gym you want to join the get the general gist on what kind of gym they are.

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