Dental emergencies are among the leading causes of visits to dental clinics in Selkirk, Manitoba. These include toothaches, broken teeth, and loose crowns. One of the top reasons behind toothaches among the people in Selkirk is the high rate of soda consumption, with youths consuming it far more than others.

If you face such an emergency, finding a selkirk dental clinic that will handle the emergency efficiently while ensuring your safety and comfort during the process is crucial. Delaying the problem, even by a day, could make it worse, leading to further complications. What are some dental emergencies you should know? Find out in this article.

Types of Emergencies


It involves the removal of a tooth that’s damaged or diseased. It’s not just for people with wisdom teeth—anyone can have an extraction if they’re having problems with their remaining teeth or jawbone structure, including those who have lost some teeth in an accident or trauma (such as through sports injuries).

The most common reason for this procedure amongst teenagers and adults in Selkirk is cavities due to tooth decay. However, periodontal disease is another condition that requires extraction.

It occurs when gum tissue becomes inflamed and cannot correctly heal because it gets infected by bacteria that enter through open sores on your gums’ surface area where food particles get stuck between them. It causes inflammation around each tooth root so that its crown becomes too large for its socket, thus needing removal altogether!

Before getting an extraction, you should ask the dentist what anesthesia they will use before the procedure, for example, conscious sedation or general anesthesia.

The Manitoba Dental Association lays down an elaborate set of guidelines regarding anesthesia rules, which all dentists in Selkirk and other cities must follow at all times.


Trauma is a common cause of tooth loss. When you have a trauma, your teeth can fracture or break off at the gum line, which can cause pain and bleeding. You’ll likely lose your front teeth entirely if this happens to your front teeth. If trauma occurs on your back teeth, some might stay intact but still require treatment (or even replacement).

Trauma also causes tooth decay. When there’s too much pressure on one tooth due to injury or damage, the bacteria in plaque multiplies quickly and causes cavities within the cavity.


Infection is a typical dental emergency. Bacteria, fungi, or viruses can cause infections. They may occur because of poor oral hygiene (for example: if you don’t floss or brush your teeth and gums often enough). If you’ve been overeating sugary food at once, like candy, it can lead to an infection in the mouth.

According to a study, one of the primary sources of energy amongst the people in Selkirk and Manitoba is sugar, thereby increasing the chances of infection and requiring an emergency visit to the dentist.

Loose dental crown

A loose dental crown is a tooth damaged or removed and replaced with an alternative material. Loose caps are dangerous because they can fall out of your mouth, cause injuries to other teeth, and damage the surrounding gum tissue.

If you suspect a loose crown in your mouth, seek immediate medical attention immediately. Sometimes, you might get a new crown if the old one has worn off completely—a new crown costs between 900 CAD to 1300 CAD in Selkirk.

You should visit a Selkirk dental clinic if you have a sharp toothache, loose crown, infection, or trauma. Try to find a clinic home to advanced dental equipment, digital x-ray technology, and the latest sterilization equipment.