Event managers are professionals who conceptualize and organize promotional, business, and social events to target relevant audiences. They’re responsible from the planning stage, to budgeting, running the event, getting the relevant permissions, and even carry out the post-event evaluation.

They make sure that the target audience is engaged properly such that they have an unforgettable experience.

Skill-set requirement for Event management

  • Excellent creative skills and enthusiasm to ideate innovative concepts.
  • Superb communication and interpersonal skills are required since you need to constantly interact with not only the clients (for business development as well as to understand their requirements), but also with the stakeholders, vendors, and various teamsinvolved with the execution of the event.
  • You should have good negotiation skills so as to get a better deal and ensure better utilization of available resources.
  • Organizational skills to be on top of the project. Simultaneously handling and organizing each aspect of the event.
  • Time management skills ensure adherence to deadlines. You should also have the ability to work under pressure for the smooth running of the event.
  • Multi-Tasking skills are required to handle multiple operations and deal with multiple teams.
  • Leadership skills are required to not only guide the team but also motivate the team so that they can discharge their duties diligently
  • Problem Solving Approach
  • Proactive
  • Financial acumen to handle the event within budget. 

Event Management course

Event Manager has a rewarding career that is creatively fulfilling, exciting, and offer good returns. It’s exciting since no two days are similar. Creatively fulfilling since others pay you to bring your ideas/concepts to life and you are even appreciated for the same. Good returns in terms of not only money but also perks like traveling, socializing, and flexibility in work.

In order to become an event manager, you need to finish 12th and after that become a graduate. After graduation, you can do eleven-month “Professional Event & Experience Management” course”. Many colleges are conducting such event Management courses. To identify the ideal course you need to consider the following:

  • Curriculum developed in consultation with the largest and premier Industry body of India and entire Asia i.e Events & Entertainment Management Association of India (EEMA)
  • Co-certified by Events & Entertainment Management Association of India (EEMA)
  • Association with leading Industrial bodies such as the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) to facilitate internship and placement opportunities during relevant events.
  • Experiential learning and on-the-job training for students through participation in various events at both National and International levels. Eg: Participation in events like various Film Festivals, Jaipur Lit Fest, Indian Fashion Week, Dubai Shopping Festival,etc.
  • Workshops and masterclasses conducted by experts from EEMA to provide an updated industry perspective. 
  • Extensive Alumni network to help the student in his initial years for experience
  •  Hands-on experience in live events to gain confidence and practical knowledge.
  • Supplementary courses in allied fields like business development, audio-visual technology, integrating with mass & social media, live streaming of events, vendor management, etc.