What is a food delivery app?

A food delivery app is a platform where you can order your favorite dishes, food items online and get them delivered to your doorstep within a few moments. The entire process is pretty secure, convenient, and hassle-free. The demand for an online food delivery app has massively increased as people prefer ordering foods online rather than going outside and dining in the restaurants at present condition. Hence, it might appear to be the best revenue-generating business in the modern market. 

Nowadays, the Swiggy app has become successful all over India. The app has become one of the most popular food delivery applications all over India. Swiggy application gets almost 1.5 million orders regularly that is enough to expand their business work field and revenue swiftly. Hence, many app developers have kept themselves busy in developing an online food delivery app like Swiggy. 

However, you have to consider some crucial factors while creating an online food delivery app. You can go through our following article to know the efficient strategies for the best food delivery app development

How to develop an app like Swiggy?

1. Attractive interface and easy to access:

You will need to remember the fact that you’re going to represent the entire hotel procedure inside your online food delivery app. Hence, keep it as simple as possible. There should be no excessive features integrated into it. An efficient food delivery application must be capable of attracting users with its appealing and user-friendly interface. Moreover, develop the pages with proper clarity so that people prioritize your app more than other competitors.  

2. Compatible with all devices:

Compatibility is another factor that decides whether the app will be efficient or not. Your Swiggy-like app must work flawlessly with both iOS and Android devices. Moreover, it would be best if users can access your app through desktop or laptops. Besides, try to upgrade your app according to the modern market trend as users can get it helpful and reliable. Few issues like app crash, unoptimized performance, corruption, or slow loading speed may cause the app to refuse. 

3. Include food filter:

This feature should be the backbone of your online Swiggy-like food delivery app. With the help of the food filter attribute, users can choose whether they prefer veg or non-veg foods. Some other filters are also available there that you can include in your app to keep the users’ search convenient. Moreover, people can order their desired foods through customized searches with the help of this food filter. Besides, mention details like different restaurants, food items, delivery time, safety measurements, healthy precautions inside your application in order to make it user-friendly and informative. Remember that a slight misconception can make your customers feel irritated, and discontinue using your app accordingly. 

4. Flexible & secure payment method:

One of the most convenient factors in an online food delivery app like Swiggy is its flexible and secure payment gateway. Nothing can be better than adding digital payment options such as Google Pay, online banking, Paypal, etc. Besides, provide debit card payment and cash on delivery (COD) options available so that users feel free and comfortable while ordering food through your app. Moreover, build a dynamic security system to safeguard the confidential data of the users from being leaked. Honestly, multiple payment gateways can accelerate your services without any doubt. 

5. Exclusive offers & rewards:

If you get your favorite food items at a reasonable price, you will be very happy for sure. But what if you get some extra rebate here? Well, most on-demand food delivery apps are now providing extra cashback and rewards to increase their potential customer base. Provide a special discounted offer to the latest costumes as a new sign-up bonus. If you don’t provide adequate discounts and offers to your customers, they won’t find your app interesting for their frequent purchases. 

6. Feedback section:

The Feedback section might appear to be the most crucial portion of an online food delivery app. You will be able to reach the queries, responses regarding your food delivery service here. Furthermore, you can optimize your app features into a better version according to the suggestions and reviews mentioned in the feedback section. Moreover, these pieces of information will let you know if your app has any negativity or performance-related issues. You can improve them accordingly in order to provide a better user experience. 


Hopefully, you have come to know how you can develop an app like Swiggy by looking through our article. Although, creating an online food delivery app is pretty hectic and time-consuming. But, it can become easy if you follow the techniques we mentioned above. Moreover, you can take the assistance of our expert team if you want to provide the best food delivery app development support to your project. For further details, contact us now.