Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms today. Most of the people of the world share their every moment updates here. Meanwhile, the news is coming that Facebook has changed its name to Meta. Today we will give you complete information about why the name of Facebook has been changed (Facebook name change Meta) Metaverse meaning etc. Let us know about all this information.

Facebook Name Change

The name of Facebook, the most favorite social media platform of the people, has changed. Now Facebook will be known with its new name. Facebook has been renamed last Thursday. Facebook has changed the name of the company to “Meta”. So now Facebook will be known as Meta. Facebook company founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced the new name of Facebook. Now due to changing its name, many questions are also arising in the minds of Facebook users.

Facebook Name Change Information Is Given Through Twitter

This information has also been given by Facebook on Twitter. It has been written on Twitter Facebook that, “Facebook’s new name will be Meta. Meta will help build the Metaverse market. A place where we will play and connect with each other through 3D technology. Welcome to the next chapter of social engagement.” A 15-second video has also been released by Facebook in which it is shown that the name of Facebook has now been changed to Meta. The company was also considering changing the name of Facebook for several months, now the name change has come to an end.

What Is The Metaverse

You must be wondering what is the meaning of metaverse. Let us understand this intuitively that why the new name of Facebook is ‘Meta’. Actually, Facebook was a social media company till now but now due to the name of this company being meta, it will now be recognized as a social technology company. With this, its full name has become “Meta Platforms Inc”. Metaverse means the world which is not real but with the help of technology, it makes it like real, which we call the virtual world. In this, an atmosphere that matches the environment around you is created which feels real. Metaverse is like virtual reality but some people are also calling it the future of the internet. This simply means that now Facebook will establish itself in the virtual world.

People Will Have A Direct Association With The Name Meta

With the entry of Facebook into this virtual world, people will now be able to join virtually any event with the help of technology, just as people join the game as soon as they put on the virtual reality headset as if they were present there themselves. Meaning that you will be present virtually without attending any function or event and you will not even realize that you are not there. This way you will feel that you are involved in the program you are watching. Facebook has been working continuously in this direction.

3D World Of The Metaverse

Metaverse will be the new world of virtual reality. Which will be a completely 3D world of the Internet. It will take time to make it completely user-friendly. In this, there will be participation from software, hardware to banking, telecom companies, etc. Which will create a complete ecosystem for this. Only after that, it will be usable. Zuckerberg has announced an investment of $150 million on training to invest in Metaverse technology to coincide with the company’s renaming. At the same time, the company claims that it will take full care of privacy.

Metaverse In The Gaming World

It is not at all that Facebook is the first to start the metaverse. The Metaverse is already present in the gaming world and has a lot of interest from both companies and customers. Today people are enjoying the game world by sitting at home through virtual reality headphones and it is being liked all over the world. Now such changes in Facebook will also increase its popularity. At the same time, apart from Facebook, many companies from Microsoft to Nvidia are working on the metaverse. All these companies have been working continuously to go into the virtual world. This is a new revolution in the virtual world.

No change For Users

At the same time, due to this big change, questions are constantly arising in the minds of Facebook users that what will be the problem in running Facebook. So let us tell you that there is no such thing. It can be used in the same way as users used to use Facebook before. Changing the name of Facebook will not affect its effect on users. The name change has been done for the company only. That is, the name of Facebook as a company has been changed to Meta. The rest of the company’s platforms Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp will be known by these names. That is, changing the name will not directly affect the users.

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