SEO is a part of digital marketing, which we also call Search Engine Optimization, the job of SEO is to optimize the website and bring it to the Search Engine.

For example, in today’s time, everyone wants to bring their website, blogs, videos, or any type of content to the top of Google’s search engine optimization because if your website or blog would have come at the top of Google’s search engine. If so, the clicks and traffic on the website increase.

Apart from Google, there are other search engines in the world such as Bing, Yahoo, Baidu,, DuckDuckGo, Ask, AOL, WolframAlpha, Internet Archive, but most work on Google because Google’s market share is 87.35%.

What is google algorithm: Google algorithm is such a complex system that a website or any type of content that works to give ranking in Google’s search engine means that Google Algorithms have some parameters or we can do this.

It can also be said that there are some rules of Google Algorithms under which work has to be done on the website.

Google Algorithms, after checking the website under its parameters, provides that ranking to the website at which rank it has to come on Google, we can also call it Google Search Algorithm and Ranking System.

The process of ranking a website in Google’s algorithm is not easy, quite often it also happens that it takes months to rank a website because it will not be easy to understand Google’s algorithm and Google keeps changing its algorithm every month.

That no one can understand its algorithms and can not misuse them, because because of its algorithms, Google gives us the correct results in Google Search Result Ranking (SERP) so that we can get the correct answers to the questions asked on Google. Is

What is Organic Traffic: After ranking the website on Google, we get the traffic we call Organic Traffic because traffic is brought to the website in two ways which we call Paid and Organic Traffic.

What is Paid Traffic: Google Pay is brought by advertising, which is done by Google’s Adwords service, in which you can run ads according to your budget. There are many ways to add a payment to Google Adwords such as Credit Card, Debit Card, Paytm, Paypal.

Types Of SEO?

There are two types of SEO or SEO that are done in two ways, Onpage SEO and Offpage SEO, the work of these two is completely different, let us also know about these two types of SEO.

  1. On Page SEO: Onpage SEO is the internal work of the website in a way, this work is a little technical, in which the design of the website has to be corrected, the design and the URL of the website have to be made SEO friendly so that Offpage SEO Make it easy to do and rank the website on Google as soon as possible.

Onpage SEO has some technical parts that you should know.

Meta Title: Meta Title is the title of the page of the website from which the user gets to know in Google which product or services the website belongs to. Meta Title should always be 60 characters with space because the characters after that read Google’s algorithm. does not

Meta Description: Meta Description gives little information about the website or page, this information should be under 155-160 characters with space and only under so many words, you have to give clear information about your website so that the user Before opening the website, know about your services.

Alt Tag: We use Alt Tag for the image so that Google can know how many images have been used on the website because Google cannot read the image.

URL: Website URL should always be SEO and Google Friendly URL should always be short and proper URL should not use special characters like # @ $ %.

Website Navigation: The navigation of the website should always be clear so that the visitor and google do not have trouble in reading the website and they can easily go from one page to another.

XML Sitemap: XML Sitemap is created for Google. XML Sitemap is a database of all the URLs of the website, it contains all the URLS of the website so that Google can upload all the URLs on the page of XML Sitemap to its database.

You can use this website to create XML Sitemap

Keywords: Keywords have an important role in SEO or we can also say that SEO cannot happen without keywords. It is very important to choose the right keywords in the website, why only keywords can bring the website to Google’s search engine, if the website had only keywords related to the product or services, then the website would get the right visitors, which would reduce the bounce rate of the website and the website The ranking will improve rapidly.

You can do Keyword Research with the given tools.
Google Keyword Planner Tool

  1. Off Page SEO: The work of Offpage SEO is to strengthen the website through Backlink, in simple words, the way Onpage SEO works inside the website, in the same way, the work of Offpage SEO is done outside the website. So that the website can be helped by other websites to rank quickly on Google.

To create a backlink, we have to put the link (URL) of our website on another website so that we can get backlinks as well as traffic from that website.

How to do it from Off-page: How to do Offpage SEO This question is asked by many people, today I will tell you about Off-Page SEO Techniques, that too step by step so that it will be easy for you to understand.

Search Engine Submission: The job of Search Engine Submission is to submit or register the website in Google’s search engine so that the website starts appearing in Google’s search engine.

Bookmarking: In Bookmarking, the website has to be submitted to the Bookmarking website so that your website is submitted to the Bookmarking website and google can reach your website as soon as possible, if you do Bookmarking on the Web 2.0 website then your website will benefit more. Will happen.

Directory Submission: In Directory Submission, we have to submit the website to Google’s web directory so that the backlink of the website can be made Directory Submission should always be on the Popular High PR Directory Submission Site List.

Social Media: Your website or blog has to be created in social media so that you can put the services of your website in social media, social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin.

Classified Submission: Classified Submission sites We call those in which we advertise our services or products, it is both free and paid, there are some popular high pr classified sites in India such as Olx, Quikr, Locanto, etc.

Blog Commenting: In Blog Commenting, we go to the blog section of the website related to our services and comment so that we can get a Backlink from that website.

Guest Posting: Guest Posting is used a lot in today’s time, to do guest posting, you have to search your website or blog-related blogging sites and request them to do a link exchange or any other website.

Or to put your post on the blog so that the URL of your website is on their website and you get traffic and ranking from it, in Guest Posting you can create a Do-Follow Link for your website and that too in the right way.

I hope you have got the answers to all the given questions in the blog, if there is any question left or if you want to ask something related to this blog, then you can ask your question by commenting, we will try to answer it soon.