Information on the Shearing Machine is essential if you want to buy one for your business. Some people have a general idea that sheet metal machines are used to cut metal, but beyond that, their knowledge is limited.

What is a Shearing Machine?

Metal sheets of varied thicknesses are shattered and divided into pieces of the necessary size by machines supplied by Shearing Machine Supplier in India, which use a moving top blade and a stationary lower blade separated by a proper blade gap.

The primary application of the machine, forging machinery, is in the metal processing industry. Aviation, metallurgy, light industry, construction, chemical industry, automobile, shipbuilding, electrical appliances, electric power, decoration, and other industries rely on the items for the specialised machinery and complete sets of equipment they need.

What kinds of materials are suited for Shearing Machine?

It is commonly held that a machine’s blade is only as good as the material it is made from. The type of plate that will be sheared determines the material of the Straightening Machine.

Blades can be made from various metals and alloys, such as T8, 9CrSi, T10, Cr12MoV, 6CrW2Si, W6Mo5Cr4v2, SKD-11, H13, H11, etc. Blades can be made from various materials, including carbon-knotted tool steel, low-alloy tool steel, alloy tool steel, etc.

The quality of each blade depends on the material used, how it is manufactured, the heat treatment it undergoes, how carefully it is ground from iron, and how well it is inspected.

What benefits does the Machine offer?

Extremely Precise

Before purchasing a machine, accuracy should be your sole focus. The machine is equipped with a linear vertical motion to minimise the amount of distortion and maintain the material’s straightness during the shearing process. Due to the linear alignment of the oil cylinder, the blade, and the knife beam, the machine is resistant to distortion. Therefore, it travels in a path perpendicular to the lower blade and efficiently runs.

An Easily Modifiable Shear Angle

The machine’s shear angle can be easily changed. It’s the angle formed by the shear plane in the direction of the tool’s motion. The slant can be modified by changing the distance between two oil cylinders. These can be done to increase the shearing angle and shearing strength. The shearing angle can be lowered, and the shearing speed increased in this way.

Increased Durability of the Blade

Today, machine is available from a variety of manufacturers. In India, blades are square and can be sharpened on all four sides, doubling their lifespan compared to traditional blades.

Long Term Cylinder Life

Cylinder, Permanently The 45-inch steel tempered surface, nickel and phosphorus composition, and lubrication function provided by the Life Company contributes to the machine’s increased durability.

Types of Shearing Machine

Mechanical Machine

The components of a mechanical shear machine exported by Shearing Machine Exporters in India are a flywheel, an electric motor, a worm shaft that is gear driven by the flywheel, a ram that is activated by the driven shaft via connecting links and eccentrics, and a clutch that couples the worm gear drive to the driven shaft. In several operational contexts, mechanical shear provides greater spm than hydraulic shear (strokes per minute). There are times when the mechanical shear operates at a rate of about 100 strokes per minute.

Since the mechanical shear’s flywheel stores energy, even small motors can be employed for intermittent shearing.

Straight Knife Machine

The workpiece is sandwiched between the upper knife, which moves, and the bottom knife, which remains stationary, in this shearing method. The metal is split in half when the upper knife is pressed downward. Strip, plate, and sheet with a thickness of less than 50 mm are easily sheared into straight-sided blanks using this method. Skipping or creating a sheet must first be sliced into blanks using this method.

Pneumatic Machine

Pneumatic machines are commonly used for shearing thin metal, defined as metal with a thickness of 1.50 mm or less, and for cutting the metal into short pieces with a length of less than 1.5 m. To cut, an air cylinder is activated to move the shear blade beams. The cylinder can be powered by free-standing or compressed heat from the workshop.

Rotary Shearing Machine

The plate and sheet can be cut along curves or straight lines in a circle or rotary shearing technique by rotating two tapered circular cutters. The workpiece must be held in a rotating fixture for a rotary  machine to shear a circle. A straight-edge fixture attached to the rotary  machine’s throat behind the cutter head is needed to provide a straight cut.

Alligator Shearing Machine

The alligator machine performs a cutting operation, not unlike that of a pair of scissors. The lower knife stays still while the upper knife is held firmly and rotates around the fulcrum pin. As well as general scrap preparation, alligator machines are typically used for shearing bar sections and bars.

Hydraulic Machine

Hydraulic machines are activated by a motor-driven pump that squeezes oil in a cylinder against a piston. The ram is powered by the piston’s motion, which holds the upper knife in place. Hydraulic machines can withstand more forceful strokes than their mechanical counterparts. Their capacity to carry weight is predetermined.

Safety precautions to be used while using the machine

  • Be sure to double-check any protective coverings and features.
  • The proper attire and protective equipment (PPE) must be worn at all times.
  • To avoid injury, stay away from any sharp objects.
  • Maintain the condition of the apparatus.
  • Raise the brightness of the lights, please.
  • After using, please make sure to power down the device completely.

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