In the course of app development, you are given information on many topics, after which you start making apps. Now we will tell you that what is taught in it, which language is learned, how and where the app is made, all these are taught about. Programming Language For Android Developer Banana, it is necessary to learn programming language first because unless you find the programming language, you will hardly be able to make any app till the tab because complete coding has to be done to make an app. To become a developer banana, it is very important for you to learn the programming language if you want to make an app in Android Studio.

So they come, which language has to be searched in this?

Java language: For information, let us tell you that Java language, which is the most important language of Android, because poor Android is based on ISI language, nothing can happen without it. Let us clear your one illusion that Java is not of any one type but it is of many types. But if you want to make android developer hi then you can learn core java in it and if you learn advanced java then it is very useful.

HTML, PHP and CSS: The second largest language after Java is HTML, PHP and CSS. Although most of their work is done in making a website, but its work is also in making an app, then this language should also be learned so that the app becomes good and correct.

Java Script: The third largest language is Java Script. Most of the work is also done in making a website, but if it is searched, then its work can also be padded in making an app.

SQL: If we tell about its full name, then its full form is Structured Query Language. Please tell that this language which is used in the database. So it is clear that if you are going to become such an app in which either you collect user’s data or user has to know your data. So you will get to learn this language too.

Kotlin: This language is new. It was done for the first time in the year 2011. At the same time, it is said that there is not much difference in this and in the Java language. So this too is the power to seek. In this way, in the course of development, you are taught this language, after which the app is made.

Android Studio: Apart from these languages, you are also taught Android Studio in which you will make an app. As you will know that “Android Studio” is the biggest software in making Android apps or if you say it is the medium where the application is made. It has to do a little mehndi to learn it because it has all the coding and you can search for coding in the language given above.

How to make an Android app after learning a language?

It is even thick that you will be taught many types of language, but now it comes to how we can make an app after learning this language. One thing we have told you above that after learning the language, you can create applications with the help of “Android Studio”. This software, which is from Google itself, is therefore universal and can create almost all types of apps in it.

Android studio

First of all, let us tell you that today the best app making platform in the world is “Android Studio”, in which you can create any type of app. For this, you have to first download this software from Android Studio, after which you have to install it on your laptop or desktop. In this, many things have to be taken care of, like we install it in Windows, Mac, Linux operating system, then first you have to match the configuration of your operating system yourself, then first of all check the configuration from your laptop of desktop. Do it and after that hi download and install so that there is no problem.

Well, it has become clear that you can make an app from Android Studio, but you will have to learn the programming language and studio from this video or any institute, then you will be able to develop the app. Now let’s talk about how you can develop apps other than Android Studio.

Drag and drop

After Android Studio now comes the drag and drop. Let us tell you that in today’s time, a lot of apps are being made in this way and people are also working for a lot of money. There is no coding in this type of app, but they just have to do drag and drop, which is not very easy but you can learn it online.

How will you be able to make a knowledge app without it?

There is no such institute for light drag and drop where it can be taught but on youtube there is complete information about how to learn. Like Android Studio, almost all types of apps can be made in this and that too without coding.

You can create these apps on websites

As Google has given Android Studio software to make Android apps, with the help of which Kai type apps can be created. But now let us tell where applications can be made in drag and drop. So for information, let us tell you that today there are many websites for drag and drop where there is the power to easily create your favorite app.

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