Getting a job in the UK can open great opportunities to settlement and citizenship. Many aspire to gain a work visa (UK) and eventually settle in the UK.

If you are an applicant wishing to settle your career in the UK on a work visa then the UK skilled worker visa is a perfect opportunity.

However, this visa, you need a valid job offer and sponsorship from an authorised sponsor licence holder. Here the sponsor is the UK employer.

In this article we will discuss the salary requirements

Salary requirements

Main salary of the work visa applicant is the gross basic pay, which does not include tax,pension and other insurance.

Additional payments to be added in the gross basic pay:

  1. Allowances
  2. Employer pension and employer national insurance contributions
  3. Payment of tuition fees
  4. Overtime payments, whether guaranteed or not
  5. Business expenses payments, including hotels (both in and outside the UK), international travel and hotel within the UK
  6. Medical benefits such as health insurance
  7. salary package
  8. Any payments relating to immigration costs
  9. One-off payments including relocation costs not included in the applicant’s regularly
  10. Other payments which cannot be guaranteed including bonuses or incentive pay.

The main salary threshold is £25,600 or 100% of the ‘going rate’ for that job occupation, whichever is higher.

To qualify for work visa as a new entrant

  1. The applicant must me below 26 years of age
  2. For a postdoctoral position you can apply in one of the following eligible positions
  3. Chemical scientists- code 2111
  4. Higher education teaching professionals- code 2311
  5. Natural and social science professionals-code 2119
  6. Biological scientists and biochemists- code 2112
  7. Physical scientists- code 2113
  8. Social and humanities scientists- 2114
  • You are working towards a professional degree that offers a professional in the UK
  • You are working towards a full registration with the specific professional body for your sponsored job.
  •  You are switching your visa category, like, switching from graduate visa to a skilled worker visa
  • Your most recent visa was a graduate visa and the current permission to stay expired in less than 2 years before the date of application.
  • If you were on a student visa then it must have expired in less than 2 years of the date of application
  • Your student visa was sponsored to study a UK bachelor’s degree, a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, a UK master’s degree, a UK PhD or other doctoral qualification, or a Professional Graduate Diploma of Education.
  • You must have completed the course or are applying at least 3 months before the date of completion of course.
  • You are studying for a PhD or have completed at least 12 months of PhD study.

Salary in the Intra-company transfer route

The salary for the ICT employee includes the gross basic pay and allowances which are guaranteed to be paid during the employees tenure of work in the UK.

The salary of an Intra-company transfer employee is about £41,500. Hence he must be paid £41,500 and 100% of the going rate for that particular job occupation.

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Settlement for skilled workers

In order for you to gain settlement(ILR) in the UK, you must have at least £25,600 per year salary on your job occupation.

If any exceptions are applied then you must at least earn £20,480 for your occupation in the UK.

It is important that you note that Intra-company transfer visas do not lead to the settlement. You may be able to extend your stay for ILR if you are on the Intra-company transfer visa on the basis of long residency.

Once you have settlement status in the UK then after 1 years or 12 months time, you can apply for British citizenship.

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