The Electric Overhead Traveling (EOT) cranes are the most habitually utilized cranes in development places and ventures. These cranes are worked with the assistance of power, and one can perform it either by control room joined to the crane or by a pendant. These cranes have the ability to lift both weighty and lightweight products. You can get them from the leading EOT Crane Manufacturers in India.

Types of EOT cranes available in the market

Single Girder 

The single support EOT cranes are lighter when contrasted with the Double Girder, and they have just a single primary scaffold. For the most part, they are utilized for short period work, and they help lift light obligation loads. To be exact, one can lift 1 to 20 tons of burden with the assistance of single brace EOT cranes. Manufactured make them in top-running and under-running forms.

Double Girder 

Double Girder EOT cranes are utilized for lifting significant burdens. They are an intelligent alternative when contrasted, and single brace cranes are equipped to lift heavier loads. They are viable with a wide skillet. They have two principal extensions, and this makes it vigorous, just as challenging. You can easily buy them from EOT Cranes Suppliers in India.

Working of EOT Crane 

The EOT crane works by utilizing the power, and it tends to be performed with the assistance of either the driver or the pendant (controller). The crane is fit for lifting as much as 500 tons with a range of 60 meters. The overall coupling system is consolidated in these cranes to work with both establishment and change. The component comprises just four dynamic and driven wheels; if the weight must be lifted is more, the wheel pressure is diminished. The enunciated outline gadget will convey among the four wheels, so the weight doesn’t compress a specific rotation.


A typical misguided judgment is that Double Girders are more substantial! Per the business principles (CMMA/DIN/FEM), both single and Double Girder cranes are similarly unbending, solid, and strong. This is because solitary brace cranes utilize a lot more grounded supports than twofold support cranes. The contrast between single and Double Girder cranes is a successful lifting stature. By and large, twofold support cranes give better lifting tallness. Single brace cranes cost less from numerous points of view; just one cross support is required, a streetcar is more accessible, the establishment is faster, and the runway radiates cost less because of the lighter crane extra weight. The structure costs are additionally lower.

Be that only one out of every odd crane can be a solitary support crane as it may. By and large, if the crane is more than 15 tons or the range is more than 30m, a Double Girder crane is a superior arrangement. The benefits and limits of Single/Double Girder cranes are as per the following:

Single Girder Cranes 

  • Single support connects cranes by and large have the most fantastic range somewhere in the field of 20 and 50 feet with a most extreme lift of 15-50 feet.
  • They can deal with 1-15 tons with connect speeds moving toward a limit of 200 feet each moment (fpm), streetcar rates of around 100 fpm, and lift speeds going from 10-60 fpm
  • They are a possibility for light to direct assistance and are financially savvy for use as a standby (infrequently utilized) crane.

Double Girder Cranes

  • Double support cranes are quicker, with most extreme extension speeds, streetcar velocities, and derrick speeds drawing nearer 350 fpm, 150 fpm, and 60 fpm, separately.
  • They are helpful cranes for an assortment of use levels going from occasional, discontinuous use to severe consistent assistance. They can lift as much as 100 tons.
  • These can be used at any limit where a very high snare lift is required because the connection can be pulled between the braces.

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