My Website is not getting traffic, what should I do? How do I bring maximum traffic to my blog? My YouTube Videos are not getting Views, what should I do? How do I increase the downloads of my Mobile App? There are many other such questions, which always bother a YouTube, Blogger and App Developer. But there is no satisfactory answer to these questions. That’s why we thought why not write a detailed article on this topic. And the problem of traffic should be discussed in detail.

Web Traffic

Just as our breath runs on oxygen. Similarly, the breath of a Blog, Youtube Channel and App is driven by Traffic. That is, traffic acts as oxygen for them. But before proceeding further, I would like to tell that in this article, Blog, Youtube Channel and App will be mentioned again and again in the context of Traffic. That’s why I have used the word Blog instead of these three. According to you, you can read Youtube Channel, Website and Mobile App instead of Blog.

Whether you are a Youtuber, Blogger, or App Developer, it doesn’t matter. Because the problem of traffic is the same for everyone. But the question is, what is the solution for this problem? Despite having so many resources of traffic available, why not everyone get enough traffic? What is the reason behind this? Have you ever wondered why two similar blogs do not get the same traffic? Why does one blog get millions, while the other gets only a count of visitors? Is there any secret way to get traffic, which only big bloggers know? Let us know in detail.

The Secrets of Traffic

Most new bloggers think that there are some such secrets to getting traffic! About which only a few bloggers know. But they don’t tell this to anyone. Because by doing this their competitors will increase. and will take their place. That’s why they never share their secrets. Especially, when a new blogger has tried many ways for traffic. But still traffic does not come to his blog. So he is easily convinced of this.

Do you also think that big bloggers really have such secrets! Who rain traffic on their blog? If your answer is yes, then you are wrong. Because there is no such secret, which can bring traffic to a blog. Yes, if someone uses Unethical Methods, then the matter is different. Otherwise, there is no such secret, due to which traffic starts raining overnight. You might not believe me, but it’s true.

Every blogger has his own strategy. If you want to call it Secret, you can call it. But you can also make such a strategy. For this you will need research and experience. Also, the type and nature of traffic has to be understood. You will have to analyze the blog traffic of yourself and your competitors. There are many other things that we will read about later.

Types of Web Traffic

Web traffic is mainly divided into 4 parts:- Organic, Direct, Referral and Social. By logging into your Analytics Account, you can see how much traffic is coming from where on your blog? And what is his behavior?

Well, you must be checking the traffic of your blog everyday? Isn’t it? But do you also do traffic analysis? If not, then start today. Because only by analysis you will know who is your real audience? And what does she want? Also, how to bring it to the blog? If you want to create a Traffic Strategy, then Traffic Analysis is very important for that. But before that you have to understand about Types of Traffic.

1. Organic Traffic

About 50 to 70% of the traffic of a blog comes from Search Engines. And this is called Organic Traffic. SEO plays the biggest role in this. If the SEO of your blog is OK, then you do not need to do anything else. Because you will continue to get traffic from Search Engines. But you have to be careful with SEO!So it is obvious that you will have to bear the loss of Organic Traffic.

Although SEO is not a switch, which is pressed and turned on. It is a lengthy process that requires constant practice to learn. But still let me tell in brief. First of all, setup your blog completely. That is, complete the design of the blog, URL Structure, Categories, Pages etc. And after that generate the sitemap of your blog and submit it to the top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

And publish posts regularly on your blog. And do proper SEO of each post.

2. Direct Traffic

People who come directly to your blog by typing URL, they are counted in Direct Traffic. However, such visitors are very few. But brands are very important for value. Because only Direct Traffic shows how much power is in your content? If your content is good, and useful for the readers! So it is obvious that readers will come to your blog again and again. Otherwise no one will come back.

That is why always write Informative, Engaging and Helpful Content. So that whoever comes to your blog becomes your fan. And want to come to your blog again and again. This is also the real meaning of Direct Traffic.

3. Referral Traffic

Traffic from external sources is called referral traffic. Like I have a link to your blog on my website. Someone clicks that link and goes to your blog! So it will be counted as referral traffic. How does a blog relate to other blogs and websites? How many blogs and websites offer referral links to this blog? This can be determined from its referral traffic.

Backlinks play an important role in bringing in referral traffic. So bloggers need to work on link building. And make more and more backlinks. It is very important to take care of quality while creating banklinks. Because Low Quality Backlinks cause harm instead of profit. Such Blogs and Websites should always be chosen for Backlinks! Whose DA-PA is good.

4. Social Traffic

Social traffic means the traffic coming from social media. That is, traffic coming from social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. However, there is no dearth of traffic on social media. But still taking traffic from here is not an easy task. Because people come on social media to have fun and pass the time. In such a situation, taking them to the blog is not an easy task. For this the right strategy is needed.

Although it is a bit difficult to get traffic from social media, but it is not impossible at all. If you start searching, you will find people from all walks of life on social media, from sports to politics and entertainment to technology. All you have to do is find your preferred audience. Joining Pages and Groups that match the niche of your blog.

Share Your Links

When you get well-known in a Page, Group or Community! So you can start sharing the link of your blog. But keep in mind, only one link is to be shared in a week, not much. Because it can spoil the finished work. That’s why avoid sharing too many links. And share only such links, which are related to that page, group or community. And be useful for the members.

Paid Traffic

If you want to grow fast in less time. Or if you want to become popular as soon as possible, then you can take Paid Traffic. That is, you can buy traffic through advertising. But for this you should have a good budget. Because you will have to pay for every single click. Although business and startups keep a separate budget for this work. But this is a very expensive deal for an individual blogger. That’s why if you focus on Organic Traffic instead of Paid Traffic!