From accounting customer support requests to managing advanced projects, several modules can be included in your CRM.

customer relationship management tool with advanced features will help your business to grow. You can customize the tool according to your needs by using different modules. This will help you in CRM marketing automation, CRM sales automation, Social CRM integration, Ticketing & support CRM features, and mobility and field service. Furthermore, it will provide you with important customer information to offer them your best services & products.

Business CRM modules related to sales

Different kinds of modules are available for you, depending on small or large businesses. Further, it will help you with features related to marketing, sales, service management applications, and alliance with your partners. Regarding sales, it offers you a module for account management. It is a cloud-based CRM that helps your sales representatives to work together. Furthermore, it allows them to share, manage and co-operate accounts from one common database.

Moreover, you can attach files, plan and create tasks and events, and access accounts via FAX, email, or phone. You can also look back into past transactions to understand your customers’ buying patterns. Thereby, it will increase the up-selling opportunities for you.

Module for management of contacts

This module of the customer relationship management system allows you to add contacts from third-party sources. Furthermore, allowing you to store your contacts in a centralized and shared database. It uses Developer API and Import tool for the same and also plug-ins to import or export contacts. Additionally, you can customize this module according to your needs and help your sales team with a summary of communications between clients and your organization. That will contribute to the improvement of customer service.

Module to manage deals

This CRM module will help you store and manage important information about deals and leads. It can provide you with detailed information on the sales process, stage, lead source, or account name. Not to mention, deal value or type, deal closing date, assigned to, are other various information it can generate. Also, by connecting this module to account management or contact modules, you can close more deals and improve your chances for the future. 

Module for management of cases

The best customer relationship management tools also have features related to service management. You can use this to handle one platform’s sales and post-sales support. Moreover, this will help your organization provide better customer support through quick solutions and increased up-selling.

This module also helps you centralize your database, allowing you to allocate your support services across multiple communication channels, like the web, email, or phone. Additionally, your sales representatives can attach relevant files when necessary. Also, you can analyze their performance through the analytical reports generated by the system.

Furthermore, it enables you to view the case history of your customers. With important details like case resolution status, closing date, several previous cases and support representative assigned for the customer, etc. 

Case modulation from the web

The best CRMs will help you to speed up your resolve. The web to case module has features that allow the CRM to incorporate customer support requests directly from your website. This is one of the best features as the case is automatically allotted to the right support representative. Additionally, it makes it easier for you to build the web-to-case form without professional help. Rather you can easily set up the form description, header, completion message, button label, and redirect URL. It is so easy that it is done by selecting your customer support agent and dragging and dropping the necessary fields. Furthermore, you just need to place the embedded code on your website.

Application Programming Interface Integration module

With this interface, your developers can incorporate the customer relationship management system into any application or system you use. Thereby, it helps you to build more productive business processes. It further allows you to share and relay information between your systems. As in your website, cloud computing systems, or your in-house systems. Moreover, some advanced systems can accept your requests in different formats, such as JSON or XML formats.

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