Sports Sunglasses is booming, and more and more people are encouraged to practice any of the fashion modalities such as running, cycling, or triathlon. For the practice of these sports, it is usually necessary to use glasses (both sunglasses and prescription glasses). So let’s see some tips when choosing your adventure companions.

Look for a comfortable, lightweight frame

Indeed, the lightest brand sunglasses are usually those that use a very thin metal frame. It is also true that this type of frame is not recommended for sports. So, the most recommended is to opt for glasses made of plastic material.

Look for flexible or moldable rods

Support is one of the most important characteristics when buying the sports best sunglasses. These must be perfectly attached to prevent them from moving or falling during sports practice. Thus, plastic rods with a certain curvature and finished in silicone are the most interesting option.

Another tip is that you take into consideration the possibility of incorporating a rubber that guarantees that they will never fall. This option is especially interesting for those who practice sports such as Kitesurf or downhill skiing.

The form of the glasses is very significant

When we talk about sports glasses shades, there is no doubt that the most successful option will always be the one whose frame has a certain curvature. This shape ensures a better fit and prevents awkward gaps. Also, this curvature will protect you better from the rays of light and even from the dust or sand, a technical section in a trail running race.

Which lenses should you choose?

Photochromic lenses are one of the most recurring concepts when looking for sports sunglasses. However, these have their limitations, and that is why we choose to offer lens sets that adapt to each situation.

Therefore, it is just as important to have a mirror lens that protects you from the strong rays of the sun. A yellow lens increases contrasts on cloudy days. Thus, it is advisable to look for glasses that come with a set of lenses for each situation.

What materials should our glasses be made of?

The front of the polarised sunglasses must be composed of acetate, to achieve greater resistance to possible impacts. For its part, the rods must be made of rubber to achieve greater grip and flexibility. The lenses must be made of polycarbonate, a material with greater resistance.

The importance of colour

When it comes to buying sports UV protective glasses, one aspect to keep in mind is the colour of the lens. The choice of colour of the lenses means for the athlete an improvement in contrast and provides a better vision of the environment by acclimatizing to light conditions.

According to the experts, the colours that best adapt to sports are the following:

Brown filter: It improves the perception of contrast, so the glasses with this filter are more suitable for winter sports, golf, and tennis.

Yellow filter: Increases the contrast of light when there are adverse weather conditions and, therefore, it is used in sports such as running or cycling.

Gray filter: It is the most suitable for transmitting light evenly and is chosen for water sports.

Conclusion: So before buy sport sun glasses consider all the above factors so that you can get the perfect pair of sunglasses.