There are many kinds of things going on in the minds of people about the Meta AI coming on WhatsApp. One of them is whether WhatsApp Meta AI can steal your personal data or not.

Today we can do not one but many things with the help of mobile, be it online transaction or talking to someone sitting in a faraway country. We all use Google, Chat GPT to ask questions related to office to personal life. But meanwhile a new update was seen on WhatsApp, which is named Meta AI. With the help of this feature, we can get the answer to any question in a few seconds.

With the help of this feature, on the one hand the work of the people has become easier, on the other hand, various kinds of questions are going on in the minds of people about WhatsApp AI whether AI is stealing their data. AI is keeping an eye on the calls happening on WhatsApp. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about all these questions related to WhatsApp AI. For this, first of all we have to know how AI answers our question.

WhatsApp Meta AI is helping you in this way

To answer whatever question you ask Meta AI, messages of Meta AI and other characters are generated with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI). To answer, Generative AI works to send it to more and more people through Meta products around the world. Generative Artificial Intelligence enables people to create content quickly in a new and interesting way. AI in Meta helps people solve complex problems and create different content and something that has never been seen before.

Can you delete history from WhatsApp Meta AI?

If you want to delete the questions asked by Meta AI, you can delete the chat done with AI or you can also request to delete the information shared with Meta AI.

You can delete the chat done by WhatsApp Meta AI. Under this, you can delete only your chat or only the chat of Meta AI. Let us tell you that it works by deleting the message sent by you. Since WhatsApp has AI which is a meta service, if you delete your chat in the app, it will be deleted only on WhatsApp. If you want to delete your messages from Meta, you have to use these commands.

Can WhatsApp steal Meta AI data?

AI messages are different from personal messages. When you use these features, Meta gets your hints, AI messages and feedback to see if you have received the correct and quality based reply generated by AI. Let us tell you that in group chats, Meta AI can only read those messages which are tagged with @Meta AI. Meta AI cannot be used in any personal chat. Your personal messages and calls will remain end-to-end encrypted as always. This means that even WhatsApp or Meta cannot see or listen to them. Meta or WhatsApp cannot use Meta AI in any chat on their own.

Do not share personal information with WhatsApp Meta AI

Do not share information that you do not want the AI ​​to retain and use. Do not share account identifiers or passwords. Meta may share your information, including signals related to your interactions with the AI, with third parties, which may pose risks to you in the future.