As many parents and guardians will admit, figuring the perfect time for a child to start childcare in Chatswood isn’t an easy decision. While it is true that there is no such thing as a perfect age or time, there are several benefits and shortcomings that come with having them start at any age. 

Nonetheless, if there is anything most child health professionals will agree upon, it is that daycare is good for your child.

Of course, there are several factors that will determine whether or not your child is ready for day-care and they are not all about him or her. Childcare costs and work commitments will have a lot to do with your final decision. The overall health of your child and support network will also contribute.

Ultimately, the decision that works for your family will not be exactly the same conditions that will work for another. Because enrolling your child in a childcare centre program is so dependent on individual circumstances, you must take your time to assess your situation and not rush into it. Here are some tips that may help you with your decision:

0-18 Months

How old does your baby have to be for day-care? In some cases, you’d wish to return to work as soon as possible. However, sometimes this can be a little too early to start childcare. At early ages, babies are forming attachments to their primary caregivers, and that should be you the parent. This is a very important part of childhood development.

With this in mind, it is still possible to find the best childcare in Macquarie Park and surrounding suburbs that’s specifically designed for this age group. Smaller group sizes would be required for your baby to have the best of care. This creates a family-like atmosphere which would allow more specialised interaction and attention.

18 months-3 years

This is the age where your child tends to have a lot of energy and curiosity. Toddlers entering this life phase are growing and exploring. They need special attention in a daycare setting. The advantage of enrolling your child in a daycare facility at this age is that they will be able to exercise creativity and active participation.

However, for your child to thrive, your childcare service provider will need to have a safe, encouraging facility and program.

3-5 Years

Since children in this age group are that much closer to entering preschool, their requirements are very different. This is because they are at that stage where they are learning general life skills. Your child is developing a sense of independence. Your child will also still need to follow instruction and behave appropriately.

The good outnumber the bad when looking at whether or not this is the best age for your kid to start daycare. Providers of childcare in Macquarie Park who can get your child ready for formal schooling would be beneficial at this point. There also has to be plenty of opportunities to learn, mostly through play and interaction with others.

What To Look For And Expect In A Daycare Center 

A common question we see most parents and guardians ask is “what should I look for in a daycare facility and where should I even start?” Well, here are some important pointers that will broaden your insight when shopping for good child care in Chatswood.


A good daycare centre should have a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and be known for its nurturing environment. Also, be mindful of your first impression. In this case, it counts a lot.

Flexible Working Hours

It’s important for the centre to be flexible. Letting you pick up and drop off your child at different times, for instance. It should also have clearly established regulations for how they operate.

Enriched Learning Curriculum 

The best daycare centres have structured schedules that include plenty of time for physical activity. There should also be a quiet time, daily reading sessions, group programs and individual activities for your child. With all that playing and reading, your kid will grow and develop well. There should be adequate meals, snacks and free time as well.

Professional Caring Staff

Well-trained qualified and experienced caregivers is one advantage childcare centres may have over nannies and home daycare providers, who don’t always have specialised education. But don’t just stop at that. Get to know their qualifications, experiences and approach to childcare. 

Childcare Costs

Childcare costs Sydney vary based on several things, the most common being services offered, staff to child ratio, activities available, age, location, and your qualification for the childcare subsidy program. Before you make your final decision, consider them. 

Bottom Line

As you can see, there is no clear indicator to tell you when you and your child are ready for childcare in Chatswood or Macquarie Park. But this guide should help you make a decision that will benefit you and your child. As for knowing when’s the best time to stop daycare and consider formal schooling, only you the parent will know.