So tanning with heat and top? Every girl has the biggest problem in the summer.

So tanning with heat and top? Every girl has the biggest problem in the summer. Because summer is the season when girls can wear clothes of their choice. But due to strong sunlight and tanning, it is difficult to do so. Whether working, college girl, or house vice, everyone wants beautiful and tan-free skin. Sunscreen is considered the best option to avoid tanning. Because sunscreen protects us from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. But sometimes people neither know the best sunscreen for their skin nor know the right way to apply it. Because of which they also get negative results. Today, we are talking to Kavita, the skin doctor of Mayawati Hospital, to give you tips on buying and applying the best sunscreen.

Buy matte finish sunscreen

Many people carry sunscreen without a matte finish. Due to which the face is sticky and sticky. Always choose sunscreen with a matte finish. This face always looks fresh and also prevents tanning.

Apply the right amount of sunscreen

Applying the right amount of sunscreen is also very important. Many people apply in very small amounts and some people take too much poth. Sunscreen should always be applied along with the Ist layer. For good results, apply sunscreen every 3 to 4 hours.

Buy good brand sunscreen

Do not look for money when buying sunscreen. Always buy only good brands. Buying a cheap or low-quality product can harm your skin. Apart from protecting the sunscreen of a good brand, tanning is also free.

Skin color is also important

If you have fair skin, you should take sunscreen between SPF 30 to 50. Whereas those who have brown skin tone should take sunscreen ranging from 6 to 15. And for those whose skin is darker, they should take SPF 2 to 10 sunscreen only.

First read expire date

Some people buy only what the shopkeeper gives. Which is wrong. The manufacturing and expire date must always be read before buying sunscreen. The newer the sunscreen, the better it will affect. There are chances of getting allergic to old sunscreen.