What do you know about these important things about the gas cylinder in your kitchen? Know some interesting facts related to it.

There are many such things in our homes that we have been using for years, but if basic questions are asked about them, then we will not know about them. Now take the cooking gas that comes to your home. Have you ever watched him carefully? Can you tell why its color is red or why holes are given under its bottom? Why is this design like this?

You may not have thought about these cylinders yet, but now the time has come to think more about it. Today we are going to give you some interesting facts related to gas cylinders.

After all, why are there holes in the bottom of the gas cylinder?

You need to know about them. Actually, the temperature of the gas cylinder rises many times and the air is easily passed through the holes below it. If this does not happen, the temperature can damage the bottom metal or increase the temperature of the gas inside. This is the reason why it is advisable to always keep the gas cylinders in places where there is not much heat.

Along with this, they are very comfortable even in terms of cleanliness and the floor below can be easily cleaned with water and then the air from these holes dries the floor quickly and does not rust the metal. It seems.
Why is the color of the cylinder red?

The color of the gas cylinder is red because that color can be seen from a distance even at ease. In such a situation, if gas cylinders are being transported from any vehicle, then they are easily visible. In such a situation, the rest of the vehicles get an indication that the cylinder does not have to go close to the transporting vehicle.

Why does gas smell?

You must have also felt the smell of cooking gas. Actually, LPG does not contain any smelts, but Ethyl Mercaptan is added separately to them so that if anyone smells it, they immediately take the right steps and avoid any accident. If it does not stink, then accidents caused by cooking gas can increase to a great extent.
After all, why does the cylinder have the same shape?

You must have seen that all the strong ships, containers, etc. are in a cylindrical shape or circular shape. The shape of the goods train that carries diesel or petrol remains the same. The cylindrical shape spreads anything in equal amounts. Therefore, these are safe options. This is why gas cylinders are designed in this way.

Cylinder also has an expiry date

Do you know that gas cylinders also have an expiry date? The numbers are written on the back of each gas cylinder, in which the month and year are given. There are four letters A, B, C, and D, so you can also check the expiry date of your cylinder.