Find out what is required legally to begin a job in each country and where the best location for an international job can be found.

Being a global citizen is made possible through relocating and working abroad. Globalization makes it easier for people to find jobs outside their home countries but choosing where to relocate overseas can be challenging. 

In order to assist you in finding your dream job abroad, we have compiled a list of top countries to work abroad. No particular order has been given, but all of these nations are extremely suitable for obtaining temporary employment or embarking on a career.

The cost of living, work-life balance, work visas, and employment prospects were all taken into consideration when compiling this list. We, therefore, work to offer a range of solutions to expats.

Excellent work-life balance: Denmark

Price of living: $1,044 per month including rent

Average Monthly Salary: $3,556

Duration of a work visa: 3 to 48 months

Denmark has some of the best social and economic resources on Earth, including professional child care and public healthcare, and encourages an excellent work-life balance. One of the greatest countries to work overseas is in Denmark, which has a high quality of life and a strong economy.

A person living in Denmark will likely work fewer hours than they would in most other countries because of the high cost of living and high income. Since Denmark is located halfway between Germany and Sweden, it has historically been a key trading route.

English is widely used despite Danish being the most common language. English speakers have many employment opportunities, and some degrees can even be completed in English. In addition to emphasizing teamwork, Danish companies have a flat management structure, which differs from other countries. A result of this is employee empowerment and a high level of job satisfaction. Nevertheless, according to the European Investment Bank Investment Report, Denmark is one of the most productive countries in Europe.

Ways to get a work visa in Denmark

To work in Denmark, you have to receive a work permit and residency in the country. Denmark requires a residency permit and a work permit prior to you being able to work there. Work visa applications in Denmark are relatively easy and straightforward.

For foreigners wishing to work in Denmark, visas and work permits may be required. European Union citizens have the option of arriving immediately and starting work. They must, however, be legally registered in the nation. If their visit exceeds three months, they are staying.

Ways to find jo in Denmark

Teaching English and being an au pair are two of the many employment opportunities available to English speakers in Denmark. English-speaking jobs can also be found on the job website Jobs in Copenhagen.

Excellent career opportunities: Australia

Living expenses: $996 per month plus rent

Average Monthly Salary: $3,684

Duration of work visa: 12 months

As a country with a high quality of life and exceptional standards of living, Australia is consistently rated highly. Aside from that, it ranks among the top 10 countries worldwide based on the Human Development Index (HDI). It is easy to enjoy your free time here because the country offers such a healthy work-life balance. Australian expats can live comfortably despite the high cost of living due to the high minimum income.

Australia is a terrific travel destination and has many works exchange programs.Work exchange opportunities are easy to find in Australia because of its simple visa process.

Ways to get work visa in Australia

The required bands’ scores in IELTS must be obtained. For the results of the skills evaluation, a suitable authority should be contacted. Make sure you choose an occupation from the Australia Skilled Occupations List that is suitable for your nomination. In order to apply for a Sponsored Visa, you must obtain the necessary sponsorship/nomination.

Ways to find job in Australia

Through well-known companies like WWOOF, which offer meals and lodging in exchange for up to 36 hours per week of work, you can get in touch with a work exchange host directly. The Workaway website also lists opportunities for volunteer work, labor exchanges, and homestays.

Seasonal work: New Zealand

Living expenses: $927 per month plus rent

Average Monthly Wage: $3,323

Duration of work visa: 12 to 23 months, depending on the place of residence

An ideal option for young adults who wish to broaden their horizons with a long journey and plan to earn money along the way is New Zealand! In the United States, you can find a variety of short-term and seasonal jobs, such as positions with farmers, adventure sports organizations, tour operators, and more.

The country’s growing tourism sector and no language barrier make it an ideal place for English speakers. Apart from that, New Zealanders are very hospitable, and most foreigners find it simple to settle in. A thrill-seeker’s paradise, the country boasts picturesque landscapes and an active outdoor lifestyle.

Ways to get a work visa in New Zealand

Several nations around the world have working holiday programs available in New Zealand. People with particular abilities, such as engineers and telecommunications workers, can also obtain visas. The requirements for these occupations tend to be higher than for the working holiday program since they are often need-based skills occupations.

Ways to find a job in New Zealand

It is a good idea to start your employment search before the season in which you intend to work. Check out NZSki if you require employment throughout the ski season.A number of agricultural jobs are advertised by Seasonal Jobs New Zealand each year. You can find recent job posts by using the job type filter on the Go Overseas Job Board.

A great country for healthcare jobs: Canada

Living expenses: $889 per month plus rent

Monthly Average Salary: $2,784

Duration of a work visa: 24 to 48 months

Parental leave, 25 annual vacation days, and the highest minimum salary in North America are all obligatory employee perks in Canada, a progressive nation. As a result of its high average pay and affordable cost of living,Canada is a fantastic place to work and save money for those who want to settle in Canada as healthcare workers.

Healthcare is the country’s largest industry when it comes to employment, and Canada has made a significant contribution to medical advancement, including the discovery of insulin, the invention of the world’s first pacemaker, and the development of HIV-treatment HAART.

Work-life balance is highly regarded by Canadian employers, as is the contented staff. Businesses often offer extra benefits that support healthy lifestyles in addition to the minimum set of benefits. It is common for employers in Canada to offer non-cash incentives to their employees, such as discounts on gym memberships, childcare, flexible work schedules, and extended medical coverage.

Ways to get work visa in Canada

Individuals who want to move to Canada as skilled workers require a work permit that allow them to work in Canada. Depending on your citizenship and other considerations, work permits may or may not be required.In addition, those factors determine its duration as well. Holders of US or Mexican passports may legally work for six months in Canada without a work visa. However, if they wish to stay for more than six months, they must obtain a visa.

A temporary work permit can be divided into two types in Canada. You can work for most Canadian businesses with an open work permit. In order to obtain company-specific permits, signed agreements are required between the employer and employee.

Ways to find job in Canada

Find out more about job searching in Canada on the official Canadian government website. Your job search will be greatly aided by this information, and you will be able to determine whether the position can be obtained with a work permit.

The Canadian expat community on social media is another fantastic way of networking, finding job opportunities, and getting advice from individuals who have successfully found jobs in Canada.

This country is perfect for digital nomads: Cambodia

A growing trend of digital nomads has led some nations to create visa policies and other benefits to entice these workers. Cambodia, a country with a large expat population, has recently been attracting remote workers seeking a low cost of living, wonderful culture, and tropical climate.

Cambodia’s bustling capital, Phnom Penh, or the relaxed city of Siem Reap, are all ideal locations for international workers to rent a room for $300 per month, with coworking space nearby for $5 per day. Finding a practical workstation can help you and your clients stay pleased because electricity and internet are usually inconsistent in homes and apartments.

Coworking spaces may not be for you, so take advantage of the many Wi-Fi cafes scattered throughout Cambodia. It’s easy to maintain a healthy work-life balance in Cambodia since living costs are so low and you’re likely to meet other expats with similar goals.

Ways to get a visa in Cambodia

A 30-day work visa is affordable in Cambodia. Obtaining a business visa costs $30 for the first 30 days. For a one-year extension, you need to pay another $300. And even better, this prolonged business visa is unrenewable.

Ways to find a job in Cambodia

Although it can take some effort to find a trustworthy location-independent job, you are not required to be working locally to be a digital nomad. On conventional employment boards like Indeed, you can focus your search on positions available solely remotely.

However, it’s imperative that you let the prospective employer know that you want to work abroad. Working Nomads provides job advertisements with geographic tags that specify the locations where the work can be performed. To boost your chances of finding a job that is not location-dependent, look for local expat job fairs and join Facebook groups for the industry.

For Finance Job: Botswana

Living expenses: $544 per month plus rent

Average Monthly Salary: $975

Length of work visa: Determined specific instance

Botswana is a fantastic country in Southern Africa with a robust economy and stable democracy, despite the fact that it may not be a typical destination for expats looking for foreign employment opportunities. In addition to being among the safest nations in Africa, Botswana benefits from favorable geographic conditions due to its proximity to South Africa, which supports the country’s growing export sector.

With its world-class economy and wonderful career opportunities, Botswana makes for an ideal place to live and work. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic has reduced the market for Botswana’s exports, and the administration has put in place a plan for economic recovery and reform.

There will be a demand for trained personnel, as well as a variety of opportunities for various companies in Botswana. English speakers who work in Botswana will not encounter any severe linguistic barriers since Tswana and English are both official languages.

Ways to get a visa in Botswana

Work visas (permits) are the only type of visa available to foreign workers in Botswana. Applicants should be assisted during the application process, and employers must prove that they have already made an effort to find a Botswana citizen who is competent for the position. 

When deciding whether or not to grant a visa, the granting body considers the duration of the visa. The application procedure is notoriously vague overall. Unpredictability increases as a result. A foreign national can, however, renew his or her visa indefinitely after receiving one.

Ways to find job in Botswana

Employers in Botswana are required to hire a citizen of the country before searching internationally for qualified candidates, which makes finding a job harder than in other nations. While this may be true, there are a few international corporations with operations in Botswana, and most of the foreign nationals working there are transferred within those corporations.

Another resource expats can use to find opportunities in Botswana, as well as intra-company transfers, is JobNet Africa, which offers the most recent job listings in Botswana and Africa.


It’s possible that the ideal location for achieving your objectives and aspirations is not on this list because there are so many other wonderful places to work and live overseas. Take the plunge and look for work abroad despite that, don’t let it stop you. It will be worthwhile to put in the effort because of the knowledge you will gain, the wider perspective you will acquire, and the memories you will create.