A type of sedimentary rock known as Yellow SandStone is primarily made up of sand-sized minerals like mica, quartz, and feldspar. Iron oxides and other minerals and impurities found in the rock give it its yellow hue.

Its sand-sized grains give it a somewhat coarse texture. It has a slightly rough and grainy feel because the grains tend to be well-rounded and haphazardly cemented together.

Your home’s interior design can benefit from the warmth, texture, and intrinsic appeal of sandstone. It can produce an aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment whether you use it for flooring or walls.

Why is sandstone a good choice for your home’s interior design?

Consider the general design theme and aesthetic you want to achieve in your home when selecting the materials for your decor. Different materials suit various design styles and elicit various emotions.

Choose materials that suit your tastes and are a reflection of who you are.

Here is a list of reasons why sandstone can be an ideal option for your home decor.

  • Provides a rustic tone

Pleasant and rustic in tone, sandstone gives every space a natural and welcoming atmosphere. It creates a snug and inviting atmosphere in a space by adding a sense of softness and cosiness.

  • Flexible enough to be integrated with a wide range of designs

The flooring, walls, countertops, and exterior features of your home can all be made of adaptable sandstone material. Its flexibility enables it to integrate well with a range of interior design styles, whether they are traditional, rustic, or contemporary.

  • Highly durable with long life

Sandstone is a hard substance that is appropriate for high-traffic areas like kitchens or entryways because it is capable of withstanding constant foot traffic. It is durable and a long-lasting option for your decor because it is resilient to wear and tear.

  • Adds a new element to every space

With its granular structure and organic patterns, sandstone’s texture gives room for comprehensiveness and eye-catching appeal. It adds a tangible component that can improve the general aesthetic and improve the appearance of the space.

  • Very easy to maintain

While sandstone does need some upkeep, it tends to be simple to look after. It can be kept clean with occasional mopping with gentle detergent and routine sweeping. The surface can be protected from stains and moisture by applying a sealant.

  • Very sustainable and eco-friendly

Always think about using eco-friendly and low-impact materials if environmental sustainability is a priority for you.

Being a natural product that has been formed over millions of years, sandstone is a sustainable material choice. Its accessibility and abundance reduce the negative effects of its production on the environment.

Now that you know why sandstone is a good material to incorporate into your home decor, let’s look at how to do so and make your decor more aesthetically pleasing.

What are some ways to incorporate sandstone into your home decor?

Yellow SandStone can add a warm, authentic element to your home decor, making it feel warmer and more welcoming. The following are some tips for incorporating sandstone into your home:

  • Flooring

For flooring, sandstone can be an excellent pick.  

It is strong and long-lasting, and it also has excellent anti-slip qualities, making it an ideal choice for people who tend to trip over things or for wet areas of the house like kitchens and bathrooms.

Since sandstone is so durable and long-lasting and because it gets more attractive with age and character, it makes a good flooring option for high-traffic areas like a kitchen or a hallway.

It offers a distinctive and rustic appearance that matches a variety of interior design styles. This natural stone has a comforting feel thanks to the warm cream, yellow, and tan tones that run through it, and the light hues that cover a floor’s surface make a room feel airy and hospitable.

  • Fireplace

Create an eye-catching highlight point in a room by bordering a fireplace with sandstone bricks or tiles. 

It will give the location a dash of sophistication while fostering a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

This will increase the colour and texture while preserving a soft, muted hue scheme. Choose largely textured sandstone tiles from Yellow SandStone Manufacturers in India for fireplace surrounds in a rustic or country cottage style, or go for uniform sandstone tiles for a more formal appearance.

  • Countertop or backsplash

There are many distinct shapes of sandstone tiles available, including small squares and rectangles that work well as backsplash tiles. To bind the room together, you may opt for a sandstone backsplash or countertop that enhances the flooring or use it as a stand-alone sandstone feature.

Your interior will stand out thanks to its robustness and natural elegance.

Keep in mind that sandstone is a porous material, so the tiles in wet areas like the bathroom, kitchen or laundry room will need to be tightly sealed.

  • Decorative elements

Smaller ornamental objects like coasters, candlesticks, vases, or statues can add small accents of sandstone to different rooms in your house. These accents can be used to delicately display the exquisite qualities of sandstone on shelves, mantels, or table tops.

  • Outdoor features

Sandstone can be utilised for outdoor decor.

Sandstone bricks can be used to construct benches, raised flower beds, sidewalks, and a variety of additional design elements in the backyard due to their flexibility in terms of their use.

One can further use it for terrace flooring, paths, or even exterior wall cladding. Natural sandstone has an excellent grip by nature, making it a great surface for hot tubs or pool surrounds.

Sandstone features in a backyard pair well with other warm colours like tan and brown. Natural wooden garden furniture complements the sandstone perfectly.

  • Feature walls

For an authentically natural feel in a room with neutral hues, cover a feature wall with sandstone tiles and add more naturally occurring textures, like a leather sofa or cowhide rug. 

Sandstone used on the outside as well as inside of a house helps to establish a clear visual connection between the two areas, advocating style continuity. Sandstone’s warm hues and organic texture will give the area detail and temperament.

What siding colour complements sandstone?

For the exterior colours to integrate naturally with the sandstone driveway or sidewalks, they should be neutral, comparable, or complementary. Designers suggest utilising:

  • Colonial green

It has a delicate shade that resembles the surrounding greenery.

  • Mellow yellow 

The hues or tints of yellow in sandstone will be reflected by siding that is a soft or mellow yellow. One can also integrate  Fossil Mint Natural Stone alongside sandstones to add an element of vibrancy. 

The house will still have enough illumination without being too glaring.

  • Navy blue

Navy blue siding radiates a flamboyant, individual appearance. Owners who enjoy bright colours can choose this siding. 

  • Grey 

A neutral colour like dark or light grey siding will go well with sandstone. 


Sandstone gives your house a little extra glamour while still maintaining a refined appearance. Designers advise incorporating sandstone elements into your home if you value elegance. 

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