If you also want to record the WhatsApp Mobile application Call like a normal call, then you must read this article.

Calling calls in today’s time is like an important feature for any person. Many times unofficial call also comes, which keeps almost everyone by recording. These call records also help in daily work. Many times it becomes very important to keep records related to the office. Many times, there are also unknowing numbers to scare and blackmail calls, which seems to be more important. In such a situation, if you want to record the WhatsApp Call, then we are going to tell you some tips, which you can easily record WhatsApp Mobile application calls, let’s know.

WhatsApp call records in iPhone

You can use the Inbuild Recorder to record WhatsApp Call on the iPhone. First of all, you have to go to the iPhone control center at the time of the vs. When visiting the Control Center, the recording will also start with the timer as soon as touching the screen icon. When there is a record, the icon of the screen also appears.

Tell for your information that these tricks are only useful in video calls. In the voice i.e. audio call it is not so successful. Tell for your information that only your own voice is recorded in this trick. In such a situation, you can record another app to record anyone’s voice on the iPhone.

WhatsApp call records in Android phones

Recording the WhatsApp Call in the Android Phone Commissioner of iPhone is not a more difficult task. For this, you can install any Best WhatsApp Call Recording App from the Play Store. However, many times the screen does not appear, in such a way you can act in the app and activate the app. This will see the recording icon on the screen.

Automatic call recorder

Not only in the iPhone, but there are many such apps for Android phones, which do not even need to be settings after downloading. They start recording automatic watts IP calls and stores them in memory. However, it is very important to keep information about it before installing an app on any app phone.