The different brands when created first strive to gain popularity through their hard work and also through the different other social media strategies.

But have you ever wondered why among so many companies only some have gain popularity and their brands are visible on social media sites?

This is because these brands have a good display and the posters that represent the brands or make us aware of the brands are made with utmost attention

Do you want to know the strategies that might help you in creating brand visibility and awareness:

The basics should always be covered up: Always it is not necessary to go into the very minute details of a particular brand. We just need to make sure that we have a consistent logo, a colour palette and many more. Some brands like to change the style of their logo between different platforms depending on the space that is available for uploading the photo and also on the audience who will view the post.

Even when the basic details are provided we need to take care of the fact that there is a thread for people to easily recognise our brands

The Visual Branding should be prolonged: After we have created the visual branding it is now time for the elongation of the visual branding. All the brand-related posts are uploaded on social media sites and this needs to be enhanced.

How can this be done? 

We need to apply the same colour and the same fonts on the images and graphics and also the videos.

We should have a pop of colour for our posts so that when our audience visits the social media pages, the posts are immediately visible to them.

We should maintain consistency with the post and thus with the passage of time the audiences can understand a particular post to be ours without looking at the brand logo.

The marketing personas should be developed:

The use of the same content across different networks can cause a degradation in the brand popularity and thus we need to create different marketing personas. The audiences in tik tok are much younger than the audiences on Facebook and thus the same content might not be attractive for both at the same time.

To stop this we need to create different marketing personas.

Our own brand voice and tone should be well established:

When we are done with the visual part then we need to concentrate on the captions. Some of the companies do have some amount of personality. The posts or the contents that are uploaded may be sarcastic for others and informative for others.

Many companies have their own brand voices but we need to spread them to the different social media platforms so as to focus on our marketing. The specific approach towards marketing awareness should be done by the social media platform.

If the company is big and has a number of products then we need to create multiple accounts on the different social media platforms so as to spread awareness properly and in turn increase the popularity of the brand.

We need to use the right tools that will help us in our designs:

The use of the perfect tools is very necessary and this is how even non-designer can build up awesome social media posts based on graphics. We need to be creative graphic design agency services so that every post we make is an eye-catching one. There are some strategies that might help us to create some attractive posts and they are:

  • We need to first choose a template and then build up the content
  • Then we need to customise the post that is we need to adjust the colours and the fonts of the content
  • Then we need to publish the post for your brand awareness and then share it on all the platforms so as to increase the reach of our brand.

Author Bio:

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Graphic Design Agency Services, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc.

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