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The Role of Work-Life Balance in Heart Health

In the hustle and bustle of life, finding the perfect work-life balance has become a very daunting task. More often than not, while managing work, we forget to live our life to the fullest. The corporate world takes a heavy toll on us and we succumb to the work responsibilities. While work has…

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Daily Routines for a Lifelong Healthy Heart

Your heart is the most essential organ of the body. This 250-350 grams little ticker pumps life into every part of your being. However, when it comes to taking care of the heart, we tend to adopt a very chevalier attitude. This often leads to heart problems, which disrupts our overall well-being. Hence,…

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The Cholesterol Trap: How to Avoid It and Maintain Heart Health

The leading cause of death worldwide is heart disease and when it comes to the most profound risk factors of heart disease, cholesterol comes at the top. Many people are grappled with heart disease due to the high levels of cholesterol in their bodies. From 1990 to 2020 millions of deaths were reported…

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Is a Slow Heart Rate Normal or Should You Be Worried?

All the organs of the body receive an adequate amount of blood through the human heart. The rate at which your heart beats, known as heart rate, is a variable factor among individuals, occasionally falling below what is considered the average. This raises the question: Is a slow heart rate a normal aspect…

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Why Do Doctors Recommend 12-Lead ECGs?

When it comes to diagnosing heart problems, the go-to method for most healthcare professionals is the 12-lead electrocardiogram or ECG/ EKG. This is a painless ECG test that gives the most vivid picture of the heart’s electrical activity. Most healthcare professionals consider this ECG test the most efficient in diagnosing arrhythmias, heart dysfunctions,…

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What Is The Use Of An ECG Machine?

In the realm of healthcare, new innovations always bring revolution for the betterment of people. One of these innovations is an ECG Machine or an electrocardiogram machine. This device is a miracle that with minimal tools can detect the most dangerous heart problems in a few minutes. The ECG device is used by…

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How Does an ECG Work?

Ever since the invention of the electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG), the domain of cardiac care has been revolutionized. It has become a pivotal tool in monitoring the electrical activity of the heart and providing worthy insights into heart problems. Through an ECG test, the patient gets a vivid picture of the electrical impulses…

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