When it comes to working in a dynamic world where organizational performance is essential, equipment and facilities management is critical. Adding a lathe to your machine shop machinery collection increases the number of jobs you can perform, but lathes are costly devices. Regardless of how effective the system is, it requires care and careful servicing to have efficient or optimum efficiency.

Today, various types of lathe machines are used in manufacturing processes such as All geared lathe machine tools, CNC lathes, turning lathes, high-duty lathes, light-duty, and medium-duty lathe machines, which are available for the most discerning producers. To maintain this heavy equipment in good working condition, it must be serviced regularly. Poorly managed heavy machines, in the contrast, work inefficiently. Breakdowns are costly, and safety is also a major concern.

The following are a few tips that everyone can remember if they want to get the most out of their all-geared lathe for a longer period.

  • Make use oftrained&skilled operators

Bad operation is the fastest way to destroy a lathe. An operator can do severe harm to a metal lathe by running it too hard or feeding a heavy-duty component through it too quickly. Depend on professional and well-trained operators because they are most likely to stick to a tight maintenance plan.

  • Training for the Operator

Inadequate operator training can cause wear&tear, equipment failure, and even accidents. Training your employees is also the perfect way to ensure themachineryrunsunder the pre-set working limits because they are intimately familiar with the equipment. One should inspect and refresh the operator’s knowledge base and expertise regularly as employees leave or their capabilities deteriorate, and inefficient systems trigger breakdowns.

  • Maintainstrict schedule

Following a simple but strict maintenance schedule daily will reduce the number of upkeeps and major overhauls. Each operator should be given a brief manual for quick reference. Operator manuals should be tailored to a particular job environment.

  • Add and check lubricants frequently
    Lubricants minimize friction in the vicinity of any moving part. A strong lubrication maintenance program increases the life of machinery and components. One of the first and most critical maintenance checks is lubrication. Examine the area for symptoms of extra oil or grease buildup. Examine the area around the oil seals for leakage. The composition of any pollutants will reveal which parts are prone to wear or breakdown.
  • Examine for signs of wear

The breakdown of machinery components is accelerated by vibration, shock, high temperatures, pressure, and age. Out-of-alignment gears and belts can cause vibration. Shock can be triggered by injuries and bad operator technique. Prolonged use, vibration, insufficient lubrication, and worn materials may all contribute to high temperatures. Age affects many vital elements. If you notice wear and tear on any moving components, make sure to patch or restore them as soon as possible.

  • Keep your machinery clean, and maintained

Keep an eye out for chips&litter. The more dirt and waste material in your metal lathe, the more possible it is that something will get stuck and jammed somewhere it shouldn’t, causing permanent harm.It is helpful to have a tidy workspace. Both, lathe checks will be easier to do and any defects will be easier to detect if the area is kept clean. Oil Seals should be reviewed daily to ensure that they are in proper working order. It should be kept in a shed because exposure to weather will lead to rust and deterioration.

  • Have a maintenance and repair schedule

Examine filters, Check coolant levels and concentration, Inspect for oil/grease build-up and top-up oil levels are among the items that must be checked regularly for preventive maintenance. Lubrication, friction, vibration, and component injury must all be checked on gearboxes.

To conclude, When a lathe machine fails suddenly, it has ramifications such as reduced production, safety risks, sales loss, and, most notably, inability to fulfill consumer demands. To fix this concern, we provide inspection services that look for possible breakdowns and recognize wear&tear on your equipment, letting you reap even greater benefits on a large scale. Feel free to contact us, we are leading all geared lathe machine manufacturers in India.