A B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) from one of the top B tech Colleges in the greater Noida area, such KCC ITM (Institute of Technology and Management), is usually the first step for students who want to work in engineering and technology. This prestigious college is affiliated with Dr. Abdul Kalam Technical University (AKTU) and has received clearance from the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE). It has been named the best college in Greater Noida for B Tech for placement. KCC ITM is ranked as the second-best college in North India by its faculty and resources.

The B.Tech CSE degree from KCC ITM unlocks the future of technology and provides access to a variety of employment possibilities. A survey from the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) states that there is a current high demand for this degree. Career options for individuals who complete a B.Tech in CSE curriculum should rise at an average rate of 15% by 2031. This post will discuss the employment options after graduating with a B.Tech from KCC ITM, one of the best B Tech CSE colleges in Greater Noida. The following are the career options available to those who graduate from KCC ITM with a B Tech CSE:

  1. Database Administrator: They are responsible for running, protecting, and maintaining the stored databases in addition to ensuring that the data is recorded and retrieved correctly.
  2. Computer Hardware Engineer: They carry out system testing for parts such circuit boards, processors, memory devices, networks, and routers in addition to research, design, and development.
  3. Computer Systems Analysts: They are also referred to as computer architects; they examine the procedures and systems of an organization and then create modifications for them.
  4. Artificial Intelligence Engineers: They are responsible for creating, training, and programming the complex networks of algorithms needed to create artificial intelligence.
  5. Software developers : It is the responsibility of software developers to use their programming skills to improve existing software applications and produce new ones.
  6. Computer Network Architect: They are in charge of establishing data networks and communication networks like LANs and WANs.
  7. Web Developer: They are responsible for developing websites and overseeing technical aspects including traffic, speed, capacity, and performance.
  8. Project Manager: They supervise the project’s implementation while keeping budget and schedule restrictions in mind.
  9. Computer Science Blogger: Creating engaging and original material is their duty. They must carry out in-depth study on the topics and produce interesting social media posts and blogs while keeping the intended audience in mind.
  10. Security Engineer: They are in charge of creating breach detection systems, configuring firewalls, and fixing security-related issues.

Following graduation from KCC ITM, best colleges in greater Noida for B. Tech, students can choose from a wide range of employment options. On average, freshmen earn between two and three LPA. However, a summer internship at KCC ITM and intensive instruction cause the range to exceed 3 LPA. Thus, be sure to select the top B Tech colleges in your area when making your decision. These are the achievements of B.Tech CSE graduates.

Alumni Success Stories: 

Sakshi Dashora: “I have done B.Tech in CSE from KCC ITM. Upon my initial visit to KCC ITM, I discovered that the B. Tech CSE programme offers an extensive curriculum and countless opportunities. I am grateful to my mentors and the wonderful college internships and visits that helped me land a job through a placement drive at HIKE EDU. I will be earning Rs. 5.04 LPA as a Career Development Manager. KCC ITM is among the best decisions I’ve ever made, in my opinion.”

Shahrukh Khan: “KCC ITM helps me discover more about who I am and how to stand out from the mass. It was on my first day of college that I began this procedure. I received assistance from my professors, the management, seniors, juniors, and friends in honing my skills. I am so appreciative that you made it possible for me to be hired by FINOIT as a software engineer, where I will be paid Rs. 4 LPA.”

Shweta Biswal: “The program’s structure is inaccurate yet detailed at the same time. But working on projects and assignments with your other classmates becomes a lot of fun. Extraordinary efforts are also being made for the placement, which helped with my onboarding as a service desk engineer at Savantis, as well as those of my batchmates.

Dipannita Chatterjee: “KCC ITM has a stellar record of producing top-notch pupils. Excellent facilities, knowledgeable faculty, resources, industrial visits, and opportunities for placement are all present here. I was also given the opportunity to work at HCL as a software engineer for Rs. 4 LPA.

Ritu Raj: “KCC ITM is an ideal location to learn about culture, business, and a variety of other life skills. Many international firms that the institute invites attend the recruitment drive, and I was hired by Wipro as a project engineer with a compensation package of Rs. 5 lakh.”

Jigyasa: “It was a fantastic experience to live at KCC ITM. During my last year at Wipro, I received a gift of Rs. 5 lakh and was assigned to the position of project engineer. The programme included a top-notch academic curriculum with visits from industry, internships, and theory work. On campus, there was also a great deal of enthusiasm and vitality. My instructors were all incredibly supportive. I heartily endorse my college.”

Pranay Tiwari: “The time spent at KCC ITM has been excellent. Thanks to the placement drive, I was able to get a job with C2FO as a data specialist with a salary of Rs. 4 LPA. My perseverance in the KCC ITM motivates me to learn new abilities. We gained amazing understanding from the cultural events, clubs, societies, visits, and internships. Students are able to gain a thorough comprehension of the subject matter because the faculty members are enthusiastic and well-versed in their craft. I shall sincerely miss my college years.”

Nisha Suyal: “For my placement in Infosys as a systems engineer with a salary package of Rs. 5 LPA, KCC ITM is principally responsible. A well-crafted curriculum offers practical learning opportunities. The faculty and resources are excellent.”

Prabhat Shukla: “KCC ITM College helped me get a job at Vedantu as an educator with a salary package of Rs. 4 LPA. To assist students in realizing their full potential, the institute provides in-depth lectures, industrial visits, soft skill training, cultural events, internships, and placement offers.”