In this fast-paced B2B world, firms try to contact and promote their products and services remotely to other firms. They prefer using email marketing and cold calling more than any other strategy. Email marketing is without a doubt a very practical lead generation solution for B2B firms.

As per the report of the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing produces an ROI of $1: $45. Probably the hardest thing markets and sales reps battle with is producing or building their B2B email marketing list.

In their B2B prospecting database, they contain information such as :

  • Organization name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • The physical location of the firm
  • Social media account
  • Major field
  • Size of the company

As a marketer, you need to make sure that the data is up-to-date and refreshed. If you want to get the best results within the set budget then you must only reach out to the right prospects to generate sales.

Let’s talk about the steps to build a B2B contact list with emails and direct dials.

Understand the right prospects and the target market

You should know about your ideal customers and target audience. Knowing the right customers will help your marketing team to focus only on the valuable prospects and it likewise allows them to save their time and money.

To know the target audience, you must determine:

  • What’s the industrial sector?
  • Demographic area of the target clients
  • What must be the ideal size of the company in terms of revenue and employees?
  • What is the USP of your product or service?
  • What will be the KPIs to check growth?
  • How long will it take to show the desired results?
  • Whom will you approach in a company?
  • How can your products or services solve their issue?
  • What will be the mode of payment?

Gather leads from different marketing strategies

Your business needs lead to survive and grow. Without accurate leads and capabilities to change them, you can see your business going down. Below we have talked about some ways to obtain leads easily:

Take help from LinkedIn to gather email addresses:  Linkedin has more than 600 million users in 200 countries. Linkedin is like a treasure of leads. You can use this social media platform for nurturing B2B relationships. With the Linkedin Sales Navigator, you can get the right companies email addresses. You can sort them out on a priority basis. You can use LinkedIn for directly sending ‘Inmail’ and spot warm leads from ‘TeamLink’.

Inbound lead generation strategies: Inbound lead generation relies upon your talent to create appropriate content that generates ideas. It is a cost-effective way to get the lead’s contact data by providing them with quality content. And if you can add a relevant CTA then you will see a great boost in the B2B contact database. Some of the strategies are:

  1. Organising Webinars: you can organise a webinar talking about relevant issues. Leads will directly come to you as you will be talking about the answers they need for their solution. You can put up a lead gen form to enter the webinar and must promote it. You can likewise post the whole video of the webinar for future promotional purposes.
  2. Gated Content: when you hide your content in order to get more email sign-ups, it is known as gated content. Readers will only provide their email information when they find the first two paragraphs of data relevant to their needs, which is why you must write authentically and concisely. You can hide white papers, eBooks, Research papers, Blogs, guides, Videos, Infographics and so many other types of content on your website.
  3. Giveaways: No, giveaways are not only for B2C marketers to enjoy. It is a myth that contests and giveaways don’t work for B2B businesses. You just need to know the correct way to leverage them. Ask for their email addresses and other personal information in return for content rewards and giveaways. You can additionally ask them to refer your brand to their friends or families for more exciting offers.

Live interaction: Seminars, Conferences, and other types of events are an evergreen way of obtaining quality leads. You can find people by email addresses easily by attending or organizing a seminar. Organizing great events and seminars for relationship building can be a robust plan. Address the current trends and pain points of your target audience. Invite guest speakers to talk or better collaborate with different brands.

Third-party provider: numerous B2B contact database service providers are available in the market. They offer a B2B contact database search option on their software from which you can download an excellent list of contacts. Before buying their monthly or annual plan, please check their authenticity and quality of leads. You can also use a free trial period offered by these tools. These lead gen service providers allow you some search requests say 100 requests per month when you buy their subscription.

Checking the quality of leads

Now you must analyze the list you have built and check the authenticity of these leads. Researching the prospects additionally enables you to segment the market, prioritize the leads, and formulate personalized content for different leads. You can take the help of some lead quality checking software. When you enter the contact details of your leads, such software will verify the information for you.

Remember, you have to continuously refresh the list. It is not a one-time duty. As per the study done by – The 30% B2B leads decay on a yearly basis. That is why the B2B contact data should be updated every 90 days.


Manually building a B2B contact list can save you a lot of money but at the same time takes too much of your time and resources.

You need to consistently confirm the precision of each lead to guarantee fruitful deals. Wrong information can break down your marketing and sales efforts. You can take help from a c but then you have to check the authenticity of the supplier and the quality of leads they provide.