If you have just started a gym, then you should avoid some small mistakes. This can have an adverse effect on your fitness.

We all want to keep ourselves fit and hence resort to many different methods. Most people like to go to the gym for this and start working out while watching others. But in reality, this can have adverse effects on their health. Everyone comes to the gym, from beginners to experts. Everyone’s fitness level is different and hence, every person works out, keeping in mind his strength.

If you have just started working out, then you should exercise, keeping in mind your fitness level. However, some people make small mistakes during this period, which adversely affect their health. So, today in this article we are telling you about some such mistakes-

Setting unrealistic goals

People who start a gym often do so with unrealistic goals. They suddenly give themselves a very big target. But goals like this push you back. It is true that goals motivate you while working out. But if your goals are unrealistic or you do not have complete planning to fulfill them, then in such a situation you do wrong exercises. Due to which, they do not benefit but suffer loss.

Focus on just one thing

Usually, when people start gym, they focus most on only one part. But they fail to understand that these small things matter a lot. For example, if he wants to focus on his chest, he keeps doing only flies, presses and pushups. But they forget that the shoulders and upper back play an important role in developing the chest.

Doing the same workout every day

Generally, when we start at the gym, we often like to do only one workout. There are many people who do only one type of workout every day. But when you do the same workout every day, your body becomes addicted to it. Due to which, you do not experience that progress while working out and you feel very disappointed. So, every few weeks, keep changing up the workout to shake your body. This will not only give energy to your body, but will also keep you from getting bored with the workout.

Doing cardio before strength training

If you have just started at the gym, then it is quite possible that the first thing you do while going to the gym is to go to the treadmill and do cardio. It is true that cardio is an important part of your exercise. But doing cardio at the wrong time can harm you. It is not considered good to do cardio before strength training. Running for 30 minutes before a set of heavy squats can increase your heart rate and act as a warm-up. But this can make you very tired. Due to which, you may get injured while weight lifting.