Gemstones are one of the most mystical stones that are found on earth. Composes of mineraloids, formed deep inside the earth crust and blessed with natural healing properties, these amazing creation of the nature have been a true blessing in disguise for all the jewelry lovers around the world.

What goes indeed eye-grabbing in gemstones is their awe-inspiring colours that range across the spectrum as well their timeless elegance and beauty that serve generations if properly preserved and taken care off.

Goes without saying, their divine and miraculous healing properties that holds immense power which suffice to transform a person’s life and destiny. 

Furthermore, these gemstones are widely available in the market under different tags and brands. What remains constant is their appealing exquisiteness and shimmering elegance.

 Different gemstone jewelry supplier prize gemstones differently depending upon its grading and quality.

But an even astonishing fact about gemstones is that every gemstone is associated with a particular month.

Eventually that gemstone becomes a symbolic of that month and is adored as the Birthstone jewelry for that month.

1. The History of Birthstones

For centuries, birthstone jewelry has been adored by many cultures. Even modern jewelry experts have reinforced the astounding powers of birthstones that tend to showers immense blessings of good luck and fortune upon the wearer born in that particular month.

To trace the history of birthstones, we have to flip through the pages of the holy bible. 

In the Exodus 28 of the bible, there is a mention about Aaron, who was the high priest of the Hebrews. One of his disciples, Moses sets forth directions for making special garments for him. He was guided that the breastplate has to be blemished with 12 precious gemstones of that time. These twelve gemstones represent the 12 tribes of Israel.

These twelve gemstones go on to represents the twelve months of the calendar. Also, they were associated with the twelve signs of zodiac.

Let’s know Some of the Famous Birthstone jewelry

2. Opal jewelry: The Vibrant October Birthstone

One of the most cheerful and vibrant gemstones of all the time, opal is adored as the “October Birthstone” since its earliest documentation in the ancient scriptures and folks that dates back to 74 A.D. 

One of the most valuable and adorable semi-precious gemstones, opal jewelry has always been adored for its myriad colour range and alluring surface that depicts the exquisite “play-of-colours”. 

Wearing opal jewelry is believed to be quite lucky for those born in the month of October. As per the ancient Greek legends and folks, opal bestow the wearer born in October with immense strength, fortune and courage.

An epitome of hope, purity and truth, opal are prized in the market according to their primary colours and the clarity of its vibrant surface.

The most precious opals of all time are the rarest and the finest “Black Opals” with an opaque surface that feels soothing and heavenly to the eyes. 

Be ready to put aside a large chunk from your overall savings if you want to adorn yourself with immensely beautiful and elegant opal jewelry.

3. Moonstone jewelry: The Mystical June Birthstone

Adored as the embodiment of the moon god, moonstone is the next birthstone gemstone jewelry in our list. The almighty and mystical moonstone is believed to be the third June Birthstone.

The ancient Romanian culture used to believe that moonstone has emerged from the beams of moonlight that have descended on earth on full moon night. In fact, a famous Roman historian named Pliny have written about moonstone quoting that “the shimmery appearance of moonstone shifted with the phases of the moon.”

Adorning yourself with moonstone jewelry can bless you with the peace and serenity just like the moon god.

An epitome of tranquility and feminine energy, moonstone is exclusively prised for its white sheen that depicts the natural colour phenomena known as the adularescence. Its crystal clear vibrance and natural optical effect resembles to the shimmering and elegant appearance of the moon eradicating darkness on a cloudless night.

4. Aquamarine jewelry: The Bluish March Birthstone

Just like the endless sea or the sky, that represents and infinite horizon of possibilities along its blue hue, the March Birthstone Aquamarine is also believed to bring multiple opportunities in the life of the wearer. 

Aquamarine jewelry is a symbolic of a cheerful youth, unwavering hope and peace-driven and long-lasing happiness.

Aquamarine basically comes in a light green to bluish colour which is can epitome of the divine sea an the sky. It belongs to the beryl family of minerals.

The ancient romans considered gifting an aquamarine ring by the groom to the bride to be a symbolic of an everlasting bond of love with a mutual understanding and passionate romance.

  1. Turquoise jewelry: The Stupendous December Gemstone 

Adored as the “December Birthstone” in various cultures and scriptures, turquoise is one the finest and rarest gemstone known to the mankind.

It is believed to be the “Stone of Spirituality” as it connects with the third eye or the crown chakra of the body that holds immense mental and spiritual power within it.

Wearing turquoise jewelry can shield you against the destructive energy lingering in your surroundings. This eventually drives the mind towards an enlightened and peaceful state.

The High-price of turquoise jewelry is worth to pay for!

  1. Amethyst jewelry: The Auspicious February Birthstone

Amethyst is one of the most valuable and beautiful gemstones in the world. The February birthstone can range across transparent blue to green, and to purple quartz.

Wearing amethyst jewelry give its wearer a sense of immense pride and honour as the overwhelming and appealing beauty of amethyst compels the wearer to flaunt over their beauty joyously. 

It symbolizes valour, strength and courage.

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