People are suffering in silence because of the lack of awareness and technological solutions.

Individuals across the globe want their mental health power back and health tech such as mobile or web apps is the only feasible solution here.

But first, let’s see why we’re talking about this topic!

Mental health is a serious issue all over the globe!

Here are the proofs.

  • “About 4,000 Canadians per year die by suicide – an average of almost 11 suicides a day”.
  • “14.3% of deaths worldwide, or approximately 8 million deaths each year, are attributable to mental disorders”.
  • “An estimated 26% of Americans ages 18 and older (about 1 in 4 adults) suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year”.

What’s more important is that mental health illness such as anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and the list goes on and on, are rapidly rising after the COVID-19.

The future is also not bright if technology adoption remains the same as now

As per the mental health foundation, “By 2030, mental health problems (particularly depression) will be the leading cause of mortality and morbidity globally”.

You can clearly sense that the situation is going to worsen in the upcoming years. In fact, healthcare professionals are also suffering from mental health concerns due to the work burden.

And we don’t want to imagine a scenario where care providers are also dealing with their mental health conditions.

Thus, it is an alarming situation all over the globe which requires an adequate solution to keep everyone’s mental health sufficient.

But why choose an app to deal with mental health illnesses?

Let’s start with the market potential.

  • Rising demand:

“The global mental health apps market size was valued at USD 4.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to be USD 17.5 billion in 2030”.

And as per the statista, “From November 3 to November 5, 2020, the leading mental wellness apps were installed 215 thousand times in the United States”.

  • Mental health clinic in your pocket:

Gone are the days when patients have to wait a long time for a physical visit with a psychiatrist or therapist.

With the telemedicine feature, one can communicate with the online therapist via video call or audio call in just a few clicks.

  • Data is everything:

Mental health apps are useful to record, store, and monitor patients’ mental health conditions.

For instance, patients can use the app to put or fill-up the form regarding their mood and well-being at any time, from anywhere. Later, the therapist or counsellor can analyze the data to create a suitable treatment plan for the patients’ mental health conditions.

  • Care solutions even for the employees:

Poor mental health impacts the productivity of the employees and so the enterprises. Sensing the consequences, numerous companies are turning to mental health apps.

By using an app, employees can easily manage their well-being even from their office without any concerns.

  • Mental care solutions from any place:

Dealing with mental health illness is not an overnight process as it requires continuous counselling along with the ideal medication strategy.

However, in some cases, patients have to travel long for the clinical and pharmacy visit for their mental health-related concerns.

At that time, scheduling a video or audio call with the therapist can save their valuable time while at the same time reducing the cost of the treatment.

  • Real-time data collection:

A combination of IoT devices and mental health apps has the proficiency to deal with any mental health illness concerns as it monitors and collects the real-time data of the patients.

Later, it can support the healthcare professionals to analyze the pattern of the patients’ mental health state.

From the above points, it’s proven that developing a mental health app is a business opportunity.

Hence, we have classified the trending mental health app ideas for you. So, let’s look at each of them in detail.

Top 5 mental health app ideas to scale up your mental care solutions across the globe

Mental health app is not limited to only one solution. It is differ by gender, age, and mental health conditions. So, let’s uncover everything.

1. Mental health wellness app:

Poor well-being is one of the primary concerns behind mental health illness.

This mental health app idea is the superior solution for the employees who are going through inadequate well-being.

How does it help?

  • Can do the breathing exercise
  • Can explore the various tips about maintaining a superior well-being
  • Can track moods
  • Can communicate with the online psychiatrist

2. Sleep tracking app:

Good sleep is an immaculate therapy for patients suffering from the mental health conditions like stress and anxiety.

Using the app, patients can easily improve their sleep.

But how?

  • Can track their sleep cycle
  • The app contains a meditation and sleep music
  • Can explore the articles related to sleep
  • Can connect with the therapist

3. Mood and symptom tracking app:

For stress, anxiety, depression, and trauma, understanding the mood pattern of the patients are essential for the psychiatrist.

This mental health app idea helps them without adding any complexity to their care solutions.

How does it work?

  • Patients can understand their mood status by giving answers or completing the test
  • Can record their mood status or submit the symptoms in the app
  • Can share the data with the psychiatrist
  • Can connect with the other people to know about their progress

4. Self-improvement mental health app:

To recover from a mental health illness, dealing with the self-recovery phase is the most important for the patients and this mental health app idea is the best solution for them.

But how?

  • Guide for a meditation
  • Self-improvement coaching videos and session
  • Reduce the stress by playing games
  • Set self-improvement goals and get rewards by achieving them

5. Telemedicine app:

It is the superior mental health app idea if you want to provide all-in-one solutions.

But why?

  • Patients can connect with the online therapist via chat, audio or video call
  • Can get an online prescription note for the medication purchase
  • Can easily discuss their mental health illness without any privacy concerns
  • Can avoid the unnecessary visit of the therapist
  • Can save their valuable time and money as there is no need for live-in person visits

So, these are some of the profitable and unique mental health app ideas for mental health startups.

Healing takes time, but an app can boost the progress

Health tech solutions are continuously decoding the mental health needs of the patients.

However, to develop a faster, secure, and convincing mental health app, hiring a healthcare software developers is the most important task for you.

Because non-healthcare IT experts are not familiar with the complexness of the health tech solutions.

So, help the patients to shine again with our mental health app ideas for the startups.