Often it bothers the mother that which oil she should use for massaging her red. Do you also have this problem?

Every mother wants the apple of her eyes to look the most beautiful. For this, she takes good care of her child. But if you want the baby to be healthy, then oil massage is a very easy way. Massaging young children strengthens their bones and gives strength and nourishment to the body.

Along with this, the skin of the child remains soft and it gets extra moisture, which gives a glow to the skin. Apart from this, the child also gets sound and deep sleep. Therefore, a small child should be massaged daily with oil

But often it bothers the mother that which oil she should use for the massage of her red. Well, there are many types of oils for massage and each oil has its own distinct advantage. Let us know what are the benefits of which oils.

Pure cow ghee

When I had my daughter, my grandmother used to say that massage it not with any oil but with cow’s ghee. Massaging with cow’s ghee gives more strength to the child. Yes, this milk product is also used for massage and does not have any side effects. Ghee protects the body from winter. Ghee is used especially during winters in colder parts of the country. Massaging children on the chest and back end the complaint of phlegm. It helps in expelling mucus from babies.

Sesame oil

This oil is considered very good for massaging. If your child’s skin is pulled, then apply sesame oil and massage it with it. But it should not be fake, otherwise, it can also cause damage. Applying this oil brings warmth to the body. Therefore, try that massage of children with sesame oil should be done only in winter.

Badam oil

In fact, almond oil is good not only for children but for people of all ages. Vitamin E is more in almond oil than any other oil. Due to this, the body gets stronger. Massaging the baby with nutritious almond oil in winter not only strengthens his bones but also makes his skin soft and glowing. Along with this, it is also good for the child’s brain. My grandmother used to say that if a little badam Rogan i.e. almond oil is put in the child’s palate, then his brain becomes sharp.

Olive oil

Olive oil is common oil, which is used all over the world for children. It is specially packaged for massaging babies. Olive oil is believed to make hair grow. If the child has less hair on his head, then massage his head with this oil and bathe him after half an hour.

Mustard oil

Mustard oil is being used since time immemorial for massage of children. This oil is considered to be the best, especially in winters. This oil is good for the hair, and as well as massaging it helps in protecting your child from skin infections. Mustard oil warms the body, strengthens the bones, and provides relief from cold and flu.

Coconut oil

In the south, coconut oil is considered the best oil for baby massage. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties present in it help in preventing infections and have no side effects on your baby’s soft skin. Both children and adults can be massaged with this oil. Massaging the body by heating coconut oil lightly, the health of the skin, hair, and bones remains good.

We have told you about the benefits of each oil, now you can choose which oil according to your child.