If you have always had a problem with dark circles, then you may be doing one of these mistakes.

Our eyes are very beautiful and eyes play a very important role in making the face look old or young. Now think for yourself that if the beauty of the eyes starts decreasing due to dark circles or wrinkles, then what will the face look like? If there are dark circles under the eyes or if there is swelling in the eyes, then the face can look older than the age of 5 years. So it would be better if this problem is treated.

Many people fall prey to dark eye circles due to lack of sleep and for many people, even after getting sleep, this problem does not leave them behind. Whether you are young or old, these dark circles become a problem for you.

1. Fatigue and sleeplessness-

The biggest mistake we make with our faces is that we ignore fatigue and sleep. If enough sleep is not taken or if you do too much work and become tired, then the small veins of the face start darkening and the color of the skin gets affected. This is the reason why the most vulnerable place of the face i.e. the skin under the eyes starts turning black.

2. Anemia-

Indian women have a habit of not taking care of their health and they are not able to take an adequate diet even after working continuously. Dark circles are also caused by iron deficiency in the body and this is the first symptom of anemia. Iron deficiency also leads to a lack of oxygen in the body and this leads to dark circles and wrinkles on the face. To overcome this, it is very important to take a balanced diet. Keep plenty of green vegetables and dairy products in your diet.

3. Allergies-

From dust in the eyes to any kind of allergy or itching under the eyes, the problem of dark circles can also be caused. Due to repeated itching in the eyes, we also damage the skin under the eyes. This can also be an important reason for dark circles in children.

4. Lack of Nutrition-

If you are not taking your diet properly and there is some kind of deficiency in nutrition like Vitamin A, C, K, and E are less in the body then it will be visible from dark circles. If you are suffering from malnutrition, then dark circles will be an important symptom of this.

5. Smoking and drinking are also reasons-

Dark circles under the eyes can also be caused by your smoking and drinking habit. Both these habits reduce water in the body. Dark circles appear very quickly due to dehydration and this is the reason why they face of those who smoke and drink more looks older.

6. Going in more sunlight-

The problem of dark circles increases a lot due to excessive exposure to sunlight. In such a situation, pigmentation is formed in the weak areas of the skin and hence dark circles are formed around the eyes. There is a lot of melanin around the eyes and this gives rise to different types of tanning.

7. Ignoring changes in hormones-

Dark circles indicate to us a variety of problems and one of them is changes in hormones. Many functions of the skin and body are fulfilled due to hormones and therefore if you are facing the problem of dark circles very much then you can do a lot from pregnancy tests to hormone tests. Often dark circles of blue and dark brown color show this type of problem.

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