A Hair Spa is an easy way to make hair healthy, strong and shiny. Learn what is hair spa and its benefits, and how to do a hair spa at home.

In today’s fast-paced life, we do not get enough time to take proper care of our hair. Dust, pollution and chemical-laden shampoos make our hair dry and lifeless. Due to not taking proper care of your hair, your hair can get damaged a lot. If you feel that your hair has become very dry, oily or lifeless, then you should do a hair spa. A hair spa is such a treatment that you can do at home as well and you do not need to spend a lot of money on it. With a hair spa, you can give new life to your hair by fixing all your hair problems.

If you live in cities, then you should keep doing hair spas regularly so that your hair can be protected from hair damage caused by pollution. Apart from this, hair gets damaged due to the daily use of hair dryers and chemical products, in which thinning of hair, split ends and lifelessness are the main ones. The hair spa offers scalp treatment, dandruff treatment, oily hair treatment, rebinding and all other hair treatments to help you get rid of all your hair problems.

What is Hair Spa?

A hair spa is a special kind of treatment done on the hair. Various types of hair creams, massage and hair spa machines are used in this. Before doing a hair spa, your hair is examined and hair spa cream is selected according to the texture of your hair. Apart from this, if you have any specific problem with your hair, then a suitable cream is selected and a special treatment is done to fix that problem.

Benefits of hair spa

• Treatment of damaged hair – The hair spa gives a thorough cleansing of your hair, leaving your hair clean and soft and treating hair damaged by pollution.

• Hair grows with hair spa – If you are fond of keeping long hair or your hair does not grow fast, then a hair spa proves to be effective in this too. The hair spa makes your hair grow faster.

• Beneficial in hair fall – A hair spa makes your hair strong, which also solves the problems of hair fall and baldness. If your hair is falling, do a hair spa.

• Get rid of Dandruff – Dandruff of hair is a common problem which happens to everyone at some point in time. Hair spa also helps you get rid of dandruff problems by cleaning your scalp.

• Beneficial for dry hair – Regular hair spas ensure proper conditioning of your hair and scalp, which brings life to your dry hair and makes your hair soft.

• Beneficial for oily hair – Regular hair spa controls the level of oil by normalizing the oil secretion in your scalp, thereby getting rid of the problem of oily hair.

• Hair becomes soft and natural shine comes – By doing a hair spa regularly, your hair becomes soft and natural shine comes in it and this shine also remains for a long time.

• Beneficial for the flow of blood – Regular hair spa accelerates the blood circulation in your head, which in addition to the benefits of your hair, also sharpens your mind.

• Hair spa gives relief from stress – In this busy life, the massage done during hair spa gives you relief from daily stress and also helps you to get good sleep.

• Beneficial in the growth of healthy hair – Although a hair spa takes only a short time its effect is for a long time and thus it is also beneficial in the growth of your healthy hair.

How to do hair spa at home

Hair spa not only cleanses and massages your hair, but it also nourishes and strengthens your hair. Many people think that for a hair spa they have to go to a spa centre or beauty parlour, but it is not so, if you want you can give spa treatment to your hair at home. In this post, we will give you all the information and tell you how to do a hair spa at home, you will not need to go to the parlour.

A hair spa mainly consists of 5 steps – hair oil, massage, shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. You can easily do all these steps at home, so let’s see how to do a hair spa at home.

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How To Do A Hair Spa

  • Massage the head well – While doing a hair spa at home, first of all, massage your head well. You can use coconut oil for this. While massaging, keep in mind that the oil reaches the roots of the hair. By massaging well, the flow of blood in your head becomes faster.
  • Steam your hair thoroughly – Steaming your hair allows the nourishing elements of the oil to penetrate deep into your hair, strengthening your hair. To steam the hair, soak a towel in hot water and then squeeze the towel well and wrap it on the hair for 5-10 minutes.
  • Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo – After massaging and steaming hair, wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo, this cleans your hair well. For this, you can use Ayurvedic shampoo. Wash hair with cold or normal water only, hot water can damage the roots of your hair.
  • Make sure to apply conditioner after shampoo- Shampoo cleanses your hair but it makes your hair dry. That’s why conditioner should be used after shampoo. Using a hair conditioner makes your hair soft and supple. After this wash the hair thoroughly again.
  • Use a hair mask- This is the last and most important step of the hair spa. You will easily find hair masks in the market. Choose a hair mask according to your hair type. Keep the hair mask on the hair for 15-20 minutes, then clean the hair thoroughly with cold water