When searching online for a yoga teacher training course, thousands of options will appear and all will state to give you the best experience and the most knowledge pertaining to yoga. So how can you know which teacher training course and in what country is most suited for you? Well, you can do what I did before I chose my teacher training and ask yourself a few questions before rushing to make any decisions.

Do you want to learn about the true origins of yoga?

If the answer is yes, then you should definitely look at a yoga teacher training in India. Yoga;  the physical, mental, and spiritual practice which dates back thousands of years derives and originates from India, and therefore being in the motherland will facilitate an environment of deep learning and understanding.

Do you want to learn from professionals who devote their lives to teaching yoga?

Teachers in India generally start their yogic path from a young age due to their family life. When they reach a certain age and decide to follow this path they go to an Ashram or Gurukulam. These are places where students reside in the school, just like a boarding school but in India, they learn and focus on subjects like Hatha, Ashtanga, meditation and yoga philosophy directly from their guru or master. This allows them to learn in the most traditional style over the course of a number of years. In summary, Indian teachers are full of great knowledge and in my experience, I noticed that they feel a great responsibility to generously share this knowledge with all of their students.

How important is the yogic lifestyle for you?

There is no doubt that India has a lot to offer and teach students that have an open mind. Although primarily a Hindu country there is a wide array of religious practices such as Sikhism and Buddhism and nonreligious practices that have an emphasis on yogic ethics. This means that your belief system and the belief system in India will not collide but rather they will work in harmony.

If a yogic diet is important to you then India can provide for that as a number of states are vegetarian due to the yogic philosophy on practicing nonviolence. Of course, the culture in India is something entirely different from Europe or North America but that is the main reason why you should take a 200 Hour yoga teacher training in India. I learned a great deal from the teacher training course but I learned even more about myself and the world whilst walking around Rishikesh, visiting the cafes, eating the local food, and observing the local people as they interact with each other and the animals around them.

Do you want to be close to nature?

India is a massive country ranking as the 7th largest country in terms of geographical area and is nearly 1/3rd the size of Europe. This means that India has a diverse climate and natural landscape that spans from the south beaches of Kerala, the northern cedar forests in Dharamshala all the way to the Holy Ganga River in Rishikesh which is located at the foothill of the Himalaya Mountains. I knew that I wanted to be as near to the Himalayas as possible so I chose to complete my yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh and have been more than pleased with my choice. There aren’t many places in this world where nature and society live in harmony. You can go for a walk and be accompanied by the Holy Brahman cows, take a dip, sit or practice yoga by the shore of the Holy Ganga River or watch the cheeky monkeys play and search for a banana or two. Surrounded by mountains, Rishikesh is the gateway to Garwhal Himalayas but besides the wonderful connection to nature, it is also the capital of the world for yoga and all related practices.

So overall why choose to take a yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh, India? You will be in the motherland of yoga where the roots began and where the teachers are devoted and classically trained in Hatha yoga. The yogic lifestyle in terms of diet and ethics is widely practiced and a general openness to new ideas are accepted. You will be closer to nature and learn to appreciate all living things, no matter how cheeky they may be. And lastly, you will create a new family with the other students, the teachers, and the staff at Rishikul Yogshala.