Facebook is the most popular social media platform and it has seen tremendous growth in popularity in the past few years. The main intention behind launching Facebook was to connect people no matter where they live. Today, it has come a long way and the purpose of its use has seen some changes too. Now you can play games, do audio and video calls, promote businesses and brands and even sell/buy things on Facebook.

It means that we spend a considerable amount of time on the platform in our everyday life. But when we encounter a problem on Facebook, for example, your Facebook account keeps logging you out, and then it becomes frustrating for us. This is especially true when you are in the middle of something like chatting or playing a game. There are numerous expected reasons for this. Luckily, a significant number of these issues can be settled very quickly. How about we work through the absolute most regular explanations behind Facebook logging you out.

Probable reasons why your Facebook app keeps logging you out

Facebook-time-limit Why Does My Facebook App Keep Logging Me Out?

To be honest, there is a long list of potential reasons why the Facebook app keeps logging you out. However, there are a few that can be easily taken care of. So we have compiled such easy to solve issues as given below.

  • Cookies

Cookies are used by most internet browsers to keep a track of the sites that you visit. On certain occasions, the page that you are surfing or going through on the net will close suddenly. This is because the cookies have set a particular time for you to use that page. This can be easily changed by changing the cookie settings in your browser. If you wish to increase the time, change the session time.

  • Multiple logins at the same time

Chances are that some person may be deliberately trying to log in on your Facebook account. It may be one of the reasons why the Facebook app keeps you logging out. Facebook allows only one login per account at a time. However, if the problem persists, it is recommended to change the password to your account.

  • Facebook’s Time Limit

Due to recent updates and also due to some site norms, Facebook sets a time limit as soon as you log in to your account. After a particular time when you close the browser or the tab, you automatically get logged out. This prevents anyone from misusing your data. However, if you want to be logged in continuously, the solution is rather simple. All you have to do is to select the ‘Remember Me’ option while logging into your account and that should do it.

  • Auto Login

At present, Facebook can log into your account all by itself when you open the app or the site. You just have to ensure that you keep the auto-login box ticked. This will make your job simpler and also save you the time to type your password again and again.

  • Cache

Sometimes the cache gets overloaded and instead of making the browsing faster, it starts to give absurd results.

One of them is the issue of the Facebook app logging you out continuously. So if none of the above options work try clearing the cache memory of your app. All you need to do is pay a simple visit to the Facebook app settings.

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  • System glitch

Sometimes, there is an issue with the app itself. So all you need to do is waiting for Facebook to solve the problem once you report it to them. If you are facing an issue that means many others will be too. When all the people report the issue at the same time, the platform might resolve it in just minutes.

Facebook has been around for over a decade now, and it’s hard to remember the world before it. Everyone is so used to connecting via Facebook, and it’s the primary search tool to find anyone nowadays, especially that friend from high school you haven’t seen in ages. Therefore, you must know how to solve the issue of the Facebook app logging you out continuously. All the above causes are the most common ones and can be resolved easily. You may be able to solve the issue by using any of the above solutions. However, if you find some deliberate messages being sent from your account and unable to access your account, you must change your Facebook account password. Be safe always!