As small as they may look, feet are very important in the lives of human beings – well, animals too, but going with the intellectual capacity, the human figure at most. Once in a while, or often, people fail to pay attention to their feet until they become unhealthy. To avoid seeing your feet as a liability in the future due to failure to take care of them, it is essential that you put into consideration the tips of how to get healthier feet.

 Proper care of your feet in the following ways will have them look soft, clean, and healthy:

  • Maintaining overall good hygiene

This entails several practices, from washing your feet to exfoliating them and slipping them in aired shoes.

  • You should use a mild cleanser and warm water to eliminate bacteria and germs on your feet.
  • Your toenails should be the right size – not too short and not too long. Ensure that you use a clean, wooden manicure stick to clean under your nails after trimming them.
  • Once in a day, exfoliate and scrub your feet to get rid of dead skin cells on your skin and to open the pores to enhance the circulation of air. The scrubbing should be done gently to avoid injuring your feet in the process.
  • Now that your feet are clean, you cannot slip them into dirty socks and sweaty shoes. These two things should be clean to eliminate any foot odor.
  • Exercise daily and have the right nutrients on your plate

Apart from maintaining good oral hygiene to keep your feet healthy, you also have to employ the right exercises for your feet and eat the right kinds of food. For the diet bit, it is essential that you include the following nutrients in your diet:

  • Calcium – To help build your bones and make them stronger. Many bone diseases such as bone loss often begin manifesting in the feet. Hence, you should get good dietary sources of calcium.
  • Vitamin D – After taking in foods rich in calcium, you will need another nutrient to enhance its absorption; vitamin D.

Doing exercises regularly will enhance the proper function of your entire body to prevent diseases that affect the health of your bones. As you exercise your toes and feet, remember to work on your balance to enable them to maintain a proper balance of your entire body.

  • Avoid injuring your feet

In case you suffer from any feet injuries, you should address the problem attentively to prevent progression. Any abnormal feet conditions such as pain and inflammation should be taken care of with immediate effect.

Another important thing is to put on the right shoes. You can wear comfortable high heels without changing your style; it doesn’t hurt. The shoes that you wear should match the occasion. For instance, if you are taking part in a sporting activity, put on shoes with a thicker sole such as sports shoes to prevent sprains and injuries to your feet. If you want to wear flat shoes out, include ultra orthotics Brisbane to avoid getting flat feet.