We all want to live in an abode that looks beautiful and is comfortable. And to enhance its aesthetic beauty we often spend thousands of rupees on showpieces, antiques, and other home decor items. However, decorating your home can be easy and affordable too and we are here to reveal how you can decorate your home and give it a classy look with just a few cost-effective items and ideas. So have a look at the best home decor ideas that you can try for your home in 2021.

Declutter and make space:

Decorating the home not only means adding items to your abode, but sometimes it can also mean removing the unwanted items or items that have not been in use for a long time. Decluttering can make the house breathable and spacious. When you declutter it is not only easier to clean the house but it also becomes very easy to organise all the things that are there in your abode. Decluttering is easier than you think. Whenever you plan to make space in your home then make a list of all the things that you want to give away. Once you start to declutter, your abode will feel lighter, more spacious, and cleaner.

Open shelving is the new trend:

Open shelves make the best spaces where you can put your crockery. Glass-made shelves with sharp edges look classy and if you have a contemporary home with a modern kitchen then you can add an open shelf to enhance the look for your kitchen big time. Open shelves are a simple and elegant way to give your home a stylish look without much effort. They are a cost-effective way to give your home an elegant look. If you have a contemporary home then try to buy an edgy open shelf, which would have sleek and sharp edges. On the other hand, if your home is themed in another decor then you can try different styles and colours of open shelves to pair them with your kitchen.


One of the easiest and most clever ways to make your home look good is through wallpapers. Wallpapers come in many types. From grainy to crafty there are amazing styles and designs from which you can choose and enjoy good home decor. Wallpapers are backgrounds that you can use to not only hide the faults of your walls but they also make for a great addition to the room. They add gravity and give the room a center of attraction. The best thing is that wallpapers are not very costly, thus you can get a luxurious and beautiful home decor done within an affordable budget. Wallpapers protect your walls and five them a state of art look with least possible effort. You can try using wallpapers for your home and make your house look beautiful and graceful.


If you do not like to go all maximalist then you can try subtle paintings on the plain walls. Paintings are a good way to express themselves without using words. They say a lot about your home, your personality, point of view, and thoughts without doing much. You can pair the theme of your home with the type of painting you plan to put on the walls of your house. For example, an abstract painting on light-hued walls would give it a solid and catchy look. You can choose a colorful or black and white painting depending upon the theme of your home. Paintings not only add aesthetics to your home but they make the house look more beautiful and attractive. You can also buy paintings that are Vastu compliant and make your home give positive vibes with the least possible effort. There are different ranges in which different types of paintings vary. While an abstract painting might cost more, a maximalist painting can also be very costly. You can get great paintings at affordable prices from websites like Amazon and Flipkart and make your home a beautiful dwelling place.

Rugs and cushions:

Rugs or carpets might look trivial but they play a huge role in how a home should look. Rugs are also known to add gravity to the home. They can change the entire vibe and theme of a room within seconds. Rugs come in different styles and types. You can choose the best rug according to the theme of your home. If you have a minimal home you might like a plain rug while if you have a luxurious home then you might want to add vintage-styled rugs to add some aesthetic to your house. You can add great rugs to your home. There is a huge variety of rugs available online from which you can choose the best ones for yourself. You can also buy cushions for your living room and backyard seatings to add some colours and patterns to your home.

Color-coordinated cushions make up one of the best options for home decor. One of the main reasons for that is because they add colour and life to the rooms. The cushions give your room a beautiful look and can attract the viewers’ attention. Cushions are a subtle way to add beauty to your home without doing much. You can use so many ways to style the cushions. You can put them on the chairs, sofas, low seating areas and they will still look beautiful. On top of that, cushions are comforting. You can use many techniques to style the cushions. Colour blocking technique, matching the theme and many more ways can be used.

Mirrors: Another way to make your home look brighter, bigger, and more spacious is by using mirrors. There are several styles of mirror cuttings that you can use in places like your bedroom, living room, and dining area to make your home look more beautiful. Mirrors reflect light and they are sure to make your home look lovely. They also play a huge role in Vaastu shastra. You can read about the Vaastu tips for home and make your home look positive and beautiful.

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