According to the 2005 National Electrical Code® (NEC), a cable receptacle system unit or assembly of units or sections and associated fittings forming a structural system want to firmly fasten and support cables and also  raceways.” Cable tray support cable across open spans within the same manner

Cable trays aren’t raceways and are treated as a structural element of a facility’s electrical system. Cable trays are an area of a planned cable system to support supply, route, and shield a pathway for cable systems.  It is a part of the Electrical maintenance system in UAE.

Cable trays feature flexibility unmatched by passage, as cables are easier to mark, take away and realize in cable trays. Cable trays are accessible during a variety of configurations, as well as a ladder, airy trough, airy channel, solid bottom, wire mesh, single rail, and alternative similar structures. they’re factory-made in steel, aluminum, and fiber bolstered plastic (FRP), though Al accounts for seventieth of the cable trays employed in business these days.

Overload and Electrical System

Overfilling and improperly securing wires in cable trays will cause a variety of significant hazards. Weight is one issue; all cable trays and their associated supports are rated for a selected most weight, primarily based on the allowable fill space and also the spacing of the cable receptacle supports. Overloading cable receptacles will cause a breakdown of the tray.

One of the foremost necessary responsibilities of any facility’s management is to stay staff safe. every facility can have a special list of potential hazards to deal with, and properly addressing them can defend staff and contribute to the facility’s future success. One safety hazard that nearly every facility can have is electrical hazards.

The discovery and harnessing of electricity have done a lot to alter the planet than simply regarding the rest in history. Electricity has conjointly introduced a large variety of potential dangers that basically did not exist before its widespread use. Taking electrical hazards seriously in your facility can assist you to induce all the advantages, whereas minimizing any risks.

Overloading cable trays

  • Cable trays are available in a good sort of size. The acceptable size and variety of cable trays depend directly on the quantity and size of conductors supposed and also the allowable fill space as per the NEC. Also, since cable trays supply flexibility for modification and enlargement, engineers and designers ought to set up cable receptacle systems to be sized and designed to anticipate each current and future desires.
  • Cable receptacle fill is self-addressed within the 2005 edition of NEC Sections 392.8, 392.9, 392.10, and 392.12. the sort of cable receptacle (e.g., solid, ventilated), ampacity needs, and also the kind and voltage rating of cable used determines the allowable fill for every cable receptacle — airy cable trays give for the best allowable fill thanks to the enlarged flow of air. A generic guideline provided by The Cable receptacle Institute indicates that cable receptacles shouldn’t be crammed in far more than 40-50% of the within space of the receptacle or of the utmost weight supported the cable tray specifications.

Hazards related to overladen cable trays

Grounding of cable receptacle systems is crucial for private safety and protection against arcing that may occur anyplace within the wiring system. correct grounding should be done before cables are put in and tested before cables are energized.

Recognizing overladen cable trays

Recognizing overladen cable trays isn’t tough. One in every one of the key culprits related to overladen cable and receptacles are abandoned cables inside the tray.

Wiring strategies allowable in cable trays

Any wiring strategies employed in cable trays should be listed by an across the nation Recognized Testing Laboratory as appropriate to be used in cable trays and within the atmosphere during which it’s put in. Conductors in industrial institutions wherever maintenance and supervising assure that solely qualified persons can service the cable receptacle systems. versatile cords aren’t presently listed to be used in cable trays (NEC Article four hundred, as they’re prohibited as a replacement for the mounted wiring of a structure. Plumbing maintenance in Dubai companies do all kinds of work not allowing overload of work.

Standards and rules that apply to cable trays

Cable trays were 1st coated within the 1965 edition of the NEC, beneath Continuous Rigid Cable Supports. Today, the employment and installation of cable trays are roofed by Article 392 of the NEC, and by government agency rules in twenty-nine. Alternative sections and articles of the NEC are documented throughout Article 392 for specific installation and use problems. The National Electrical makers Association (NEMA) conjointly publishes 3 standards that apply to the right manufacture and installation of cable trays: ANSI/NEMA-VE 1-1998, Metal Cable receptacle Systems; NEMA-VE 2-1996, Metal Cable receptacle Installation Guidelines; and NEMA-FG-1998, metalloid Cable receptacle Systems.