There is no denying the fact that our Indian army is so heroic. Our soldiers protect the border day and night and sacrifice their lives for the sake of the nation. So, what made Indian defence forces invincible? Without any shadow of a doubt, it is all because of the active participation of youngsters. Well, do you aim to be a part of the most powerful forces in the world?

If yes, then you must know that entering Indian forces is not a cakewalk. You need to have a sheer dedication and firm passion to channel through arduous phases of the defence exam easily. Therefore, get ready to put in onerous efforts for productive defence exam preparation. Fortunately, you can make your preparation phase way too easy by adhering to some smart techniques. In this article, we have enumerated some easiest and most fruitful tricks to prepare for defence exams productively. 

Every year a myriad of aspirants work laboriously to ace various defence exams such as AFCAT, NDA, and CDS. For which exam do you want to appear? If you are working with your fingers to the bone to crack the NDA exam, then it is advisable to boost your preparation under the splendid guidance of a nonpareil institute that provides excellent NDA coaching in Chandigarh. Apart from joining coaching classes, it is crucial to devote adequate time for self-study as well. To ease out your preparation phase, keep on reading this article meticulously. 

Here are some guidelines you can use to make your preparation period easy and fruitful: 

Keep your study space organized

It is imperative to check if your desk has enough space to spread out your textbooks and notes easily. Make sure your study area has adequate light and your study table is comfortable. In addition, pay attention to elements that can distract you during study hours. In case you find any disturbing component that can hinder your preparation, remove it immediately from your room. This way, you can be at ease in your study environment and able to concentrate. If your study area is welcoming and relaxing, it implies complete stillness, as a result, you can focus effortlessly. 

Give ample time for self study

The foremost step for constructive preparation is to craft a study schedule that works for you. Your study plan must be devised in a way so that it doesn’t put things off until the last minute. Never procrastinate so that you don’t have to thrive on last-minute studying. Completely avoid the method of partial study because this is not an ideal way of preparation. Instead, make a fruitful preparation strategy considering how many subjects you have to cover and how many days you are left with. With a clear cut idea about everything, you can organize your study habits that suit your needs. Always remember not to copy anyone and follow a schedule that works well for you. 

Solve previous years’ question papers regularly

Well, the most effective strategy for exam preparation is to practice previous years’ question papers. An old question paper will help you to get familiar with the structure and phrasing of the questions. Moreover, solving these papers regularly will let you estimate the time you will need for the actual exam. It will help you to manage your time accordingly and you will be able to solve maximum questions within a limited time constraint. So, before appearing in the actual exam, ensure to go through at least 10-12 previous year papers. Do you aim to crack the upcoming AFCAT exam with flying colors? If yes, then you can seek the help of the prominent institute that prostitutes the best AFCAT coaching in Chandigarh. Attaining proper guidance from well-experienced trainers will surely make your preparation phase easier and more rewarding. 

Explain answers to others

Your family and friends can help you do well in the exam. You might be wondering how they can help you, right? Let us tell you, it is an amazing strategy to pick any of your family members or friends and explain some topics to them. Moreover, tell them to ask any question and explain every concept perfectly. In case of any mistake, they will encourage you to do better. This way, you can have in-depth knowledge of topics and you can retain your concepts for a longer period. So, try this technique with the right companions to crack the defence exam with an overwhelming victory. 

Keep testing yourself

To improve yourself with each passing day, it is critical to test yourself regularly throughout your preparation phase. Do you know how you can test yourself? You can do it by solving mock tests and practice papers.

These practice tests are made in accordance with the actual exam pattern and syllabus. When you start to attempt one mock test each day, it will aid in increasing your speed and accuracy in solving questions. Moreover, you will get to know which type of questions are mostly asked, some of the repetitive questions, and the marking scheme of the exam. Thus, by practicing mock tests, you can lower the chances of negative marking and will be able to achieve desirable scores.  

  • Download exam preparation apps

Well, your smartphone can act as a boon for effective preparation if used wisely. Do you know how? Simply, by replacing your social media apps with exam preparation apps. There are numerous apps available that can help you with your preparation. Here is the list of apps you can download on your smartphone to make your learning easy and interesting:

  • GradeUp
  • MakeMyExam
  • Udemy
  • Testbook
  • Current affairs
  • Pocket aptitude

If you think these apps are not sufficient to prepare for the exam, then you can choose to join a coaching institute. Are you preparing for the upcoming CDS exam? If yes, then approach a brilliant institute that conducts splendid CDS coaching in Chandigarh.


So, leave all your worries aside and make your preparation phase easier by following these above-mentioned tips vigorously. This way, you can make your learning facile, interesting, and more constructive.